Tekton Double Impacts

Anybody out there heard these??

I have dedicated audio room 14.5x20.5x9 ft.  Currently have Marantz Reference CD/Intergrated paired to Magnepan 1.7's with REL T-7 subs.  For the vast majority of music I love this system.  The only nit pick is that it is lacking/limited in covering say below 35 hz or so.  For the first time actually buzzed the panel with an organ sacd. Bummer.  Thought of upgrading subs to rythmicks but then I will need to high pass the 1.7's.  Really don't want to deal with that approach.

Enter the Double Impacts.  Many interesting things here.  Would certainly have a different set of strengths here.  Dynamics, claimed bottom octave coverage in one package, suspect a good match to current electronics.

I've read all the threads here so we do not need to rehash that.  Just wondering if others out there have FIRST HAND experience with these or other Tekton speakers


@jcs01     Have no fear, you will enjoy your new DI SE's very much indeed.  I have had my DI's for years now and you should know I am intolerant of bright or edgy speakers.  They obviously are anything but that.  

As stated many times, they are revealing speakers but in a good way.  So changes in upstream gear is quite easily discerned.  My Marantz Ruby gear is known to be smooth yet detailed and that is what I hear with my DI's. Of course, some CD's sound spectacular and others not as much, but I have never had issues with a segment of my CD's being unlistenable.  

Hello Tekton owners/aficionados, I’m getting ready to take the leap into the Ulfberht club and am looking for anyone within a few hours drive from Northern Virginia who would allow me to hear their speakers.  I heard the Moabs briefly a few years ago at a show and liked them, but really need to hear the Ulfs or the Moab’s again.  I’ve got a pretty decent wine cellar and would love to bring something nice with me to either share or leave for my host.  I’d also be happy to have folks come listen to the Dynaudio Consequence Ultimates I have now as a comparison.

Anyone notice on the Tekton website that they changed the frequency response from starting at 20Hz to starting at only 30 Hz? I wonder if Eric changed something on the speaker recently or if he's only adjusted the specs on paper...weird.

Nothing has changed. In a call to Eric years ago, he told me the speakers were tuned to around 32hz or so. That’s what I hear. Strong output to 30hz.

Still loving these speakers. Have tried OB, single full range driver/SE triode amps, and the DI's still rule as the reference.

I had DIs a few years ago and miss a lot of the things they did very well and they didn’t really do anything objectionable. Looking at maybe getting into some DIs again or even some Moabs in 2023.