Tekton Double Impacts

Anybody out there heard these??

I have dedicated audio room 14.5x20.5x9 ft.  Currently have Marantz Reference CD/Intergrated paired to Magnepan 1.7's with REL T-7 subs.  For the vast majority of music I love this system.  The only nit pick is that it is lacking/limited in covering say below 35 hz or so.  For the first time actually buzzed the panel with an organ sacd. Bummer.  Thought of upgrading subs to rythmicks but then I will need to high pass the 1.7's.  Really don't want to deal with that approach.

Enter the Double Impacts.  Many interesting things here.  Would certainly have a different set of strengths here.  Dynamics, claimed bottom octave coverage in one package, suspect a good match to current electronics.

I've read all the threads here so we do not need to rehash that.  Just wondering if others out there have FIRST HAND experience with these or other Tekton speakers

I've got a Dennis Had fire bottle on its way in, to arrive late in the week. I hear great things about them, from just about everyone. I won't be rockin' hard with it at about 10wpc, but no matter, my preferences are acoustic and jazz, and about 75-82db peaks for evening listening sessions of a couple of hours.
Sorry to necro this thread, but I'm curious how important amplification is here. Is anyone powering these off an AVR? I have a line on a set of DI's locally, but if I'd be wasting my money without upgrading my amplifier, I'd really like to know upfront.

I power my system off a Pioneer Elite SC-27 that uses ICE amps. I'm generally pretty partial to class D. My next move is likely moving to a Hypex NCore amp, but I'm not quite ready to do that yet.
@bullbuchanan  You will be fine. Also good regarding the move to Hypex NCore. 
@bullbuchanan , I also think you will be fine with an AVR. I am confident the speakers will outlive the AVR, and it might be wise to build around a pair of speakers you like the sound of vs an AVR. 
I keep an AVR for movies and multichannel music, but I purchased an integrated amplifier with home theater bypass so that I could have the best of both worlds with my DIs.
Agree with David.  The DI's are not demanding regarding amplifier choice.  You will be impressed even with an AVR.  However, you will clearly hear what better gear upstream brings to the table.  The DI's are very transparent speakers in that regard.

I drive mine with a Marantz Ruby which uses NCore modules and it sounds great-very controlled, spacious, smooth natural sound.  Love the pairing.