Tekton Double Impacts

Anybody out there heard these??

I have dedicated audio room 14.5x20.5x9 ft.  Currently have Marantz Reference CD/Intergrated paired to Magnepan 1.7's with REL T-7 subs.  For the vast majority of music I love this system.  The only nit pick is that it is lacking/limited in covering say below 35 hz or so.  For the first time actually buzzed the panel with an organ sacd. Bummer.  Thought of upgrading subs to rythmicks but then I will need to high pass the 1.7's.  Really don't want to deal with that approach.

Enter the Double Impacts.  Many interesting things here.  Would certainly have a different set of strengths here.  Dynamics, claimed bottom octave coverage in one package, suspect a good match to current electronics.

I've read all the threads here so we do not need to rehash that.  Just wondering if others out there have FIRST HAND experience with these or other Tekton speakers


@bstatmeister - it was a real pleasure having you over for the audition, and I am glad it was a positive one in relation to how the DIs compared with the many other brands and models you have been auditioning lately. Also, thanks for turning me on to Mike Oldfield’s Amarok as a demo disc!

@klh007 - thanks for pointing me to the Moabs! I want to hear both the Encores and Moabs now, as I can imagine the strengths of each configuration after living with the DIs for about a year and a half. And with @david_ten stating the Uthberts sound wonderful in a 12x16x8 room, I am less concerned about the negative effects my 7’ ceiling would have on either model.

Thanks Kristofa! yep that Mike Oldfield CD is a real gem. For those who don't know, it is a 1 hour long track, where the melody, pace, rhythm, instrumentation is constancy changing, so it really keeps you on your toes. On top of this, it is probably the best example of Dynamic Range I've ever heard in a recording.

And, I'm still thinking about those DIs. I'm flabbergasted. Thanks to you my speaker journey is coming to an end. I've found the speaker for me and don't need to restlessly search anymore. Plus, you saved me from driving to LA to drop some cash for a used pair of Vandy 3As. Thanks again.
Hi, folks!

There will be any sonic changes amog 8 and 4ohms DI version?

Whats the tradeoffs of each specs?
I suspect with a tube amp, the 8 ohm version will afford a better match with less alteration of frequency response.

Eric feels that the 4 ohm version is best suited to solid state amps. I would wonder if there might be a tad better dynamics/slam but you really would have to ask Eric as few if any of us have compared the two versions.

Anyone powering their DI's with a Nuforce STA200? I'm thinking this combo might be particularly good