Tekton Double Impacts vs the competition....

So I recently have been on a pursuit of better speakers ...I know its all relative to each individual listener . I am a professional musician and am seeking some powerful depth and clarity for my cavernous living room which will be addressed and treated. 30x11x10 pitched ceiling. 

I am polling the Tekton Double Impact owners they're opinions on living with these seemingly beast like cool speakers....after auditioning Harbeth and various others, I remain in a state of inquisitive, insatiable limbo and am ready to forge into some new sound arena....many of these high end speakers just aren't available to demo . What can handle high volume and still hold the presence and clarity / bottom? 

my tastes : Prince, all 70's jazz fusion such as Billy Cobham, Return to Forever, Lee Ritenour, Led Zeppelin, Kiss , Miles, Coltrane, Steely Dan , Toto, Jellyfish, Plini, David Maxim Micic , overall its melodic rock / jazz that needs to be sometimes cranked to very high levels especially on "bro night" 

Marantz PM-11S1
Sony STR V7
SVS SB1000 Sub

Thank you all ! 
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thank you for that explanation. I am picturing it quite well now. I just measured, and the front of my DIs are 36” from the front wall. Do you think placing this material on the front wall the height you list would have a similar effect?
Kristofa  +1  exactly my thought
...was planning on going to home depot today to make some sound panels ...only thing I'm not clear on is the fabric that covers the front of panels ...seems like it needs to be thin and I'd like to get something not super ugly & looks nice...

Yes if you place the panels low enough they will do the same thing but I had problems with wall outlets.

Use speaker cloth to cover and stretch it so it looks clean; can get this at any Michaels-type fabric store. Only use "green" insulation-type material in your panels -- fiberglass has health issues.

Tekton has a new speaker? If you are a SET fan this may interest you.


How Eric can do that combo, delivered, at $1500 is amazing.