Tekton double impacts vs golden ear triton 1 speakers.

With all the positive information about both which would you pick? Have you heard both?
I have owned both. Had the Triton 1 for about 8 months or so and liked them quite a bit. Currently have the Double Impact. Honestly I think the DIs do everything at least a little better including bass. Maybe not as deep but better articulated and they have some of the best mid bass I have ever heard. 
I have the Tritons and enjoy them , will have to listen to the di's

Yes you need to demo the DI's if you can only one way to find out.
I'm thoroughly enjoying mine that's for sure.

Disclaimer,only my personal preferences.

I personally wouldn't like the GE speakers for the simple fact of the powered woofers, I want the bass in a speaker to have the sound of the amp that is driving the speaker.I have tried various combos in the past and never really liked the character of the bass.

I do think the GE's would probably be good in a HT setup where music isn't the main priority,exact opposite for me.

Best of luck to you,