Tekton Double Impacts(4 ohm version) with two distinct amps.

I was hoping to obtain direct input from owners of DI’s with 2 amps I interested in:

Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP


Atmasphere M60’s(with or without zero autoformers)

If you have experience with one of these amps running DI’s, in house or at demo, I would appreciate hearing about your experience.

I just unpacked my DIs this afternoon.  I am only running the PL Dialogue Premium amp not the HP.  Running 6650s at this time. But let me just say out of the box they completely blow away my Cornwall 3s.
@recluse  I don't know of anyone driving the DIs with the M60s. I believe you will get more feedback from those using Primaluna.

I encourage you to reach out to Ralph @atmasphere and get his direct feedback.

I started a thread asking for recommendations on amplification to drive the DIs / SEs with and a few folks (in the know) recommended the Atmasphere M60s. My DIs and SEs are the 4ohm version. 

All the best!
Thanks for the reply. These 3 components are quite popular for widely different reasons and I’m hoping, because of this, to hear someone’s actual experience, positive or not. 

A Link  to your thread would be much appreciated. I somehow didn’t come accross it in my search.

Also, If the moderators want the OP to go to the colossal thread, I am ok with that.

Ralph has contributed quite a lot of info regarding OTL amplifiers and on this forum. Thanks for the tip and I would second that if anyone else is interested in OTL tube amplifiers.

Here is the thread: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/member-s-recommendations-for-tube-amplification

Take a look at @atmasphere and @almarg s’ posts. There are a number of very good recommendations from members who posted.
Thanks for the link, the info was very helpful
thanks also for the antitekton thread bumps lol ;-)
?Only one person(with one post) on the gon has Tekton DI's and a Primaluna amp?

This would seem to contradict the pitch 
I trialed the Primaluna HP with the Tekton Enzo's but didn't purchase the Primaluna. I much prefer either the Aric Audio Transcend or 300B SET amps with both the DI's and the SE's. 
Yeah, another Tekton thread...in the speaker forum. And rather than skipping over it and going about your day, the whiners felt the burning desire to waste their time to enter, offer no relevant information, and complain. 

Don't like the subject matter? Go bask in the dozen threads on fuses, or why McIntosh sucks this year. 

I drive DI with a Primaluna ProLogue Premium Integrated. I had other combinations of amp+speakers before, but I love this combo.
Not at all. Just providing balance for the keyboard warriors who attempt to dictate what subject matter is worth talking about. If you want to act like a child in this community, expect to be called out on it. Don't like the subject line? Move on to the next one. 

For those who may ask or assume, I do not own, or have ever owned a Tekton product. 
Tons of amp discussions on the official DI thread. More people view it and would probably benefit the OP and others more.