Tekton Double Impact vs. Vandersteen 2ce sig II

Good evening folks, just looking for opinions on the Tektons vs. the Vandersteens. They are both right around the same ballpark in price (3k) so should be a fair fight. I have been a Vandersteen fan for a long time. I have their old 2C and find it to be a very special speaker and is musical in a way that is hard to describe. Recently I heard the Treo CT and it was on a whole other level of clarity and musicality, but still with that signature Vandy sound. Alas, they are $8400, so cannot afford right now. I am rather new to the forums and the Tektons caught my eye. Are these really all that and a bag of chips? people seem to be swooning over them (at least in 2017, I am only about 30 pages in the giant thread, so maybe the enthusiasm has died down by now?) Anyway, Just wanted to get some opinions from any folks who have heard both and what they liked best and why. Thanks for your time.
Can't wait to here the posts on this thread. My son is thinking about getting the Vandy. I have also sent him a link to Tekton.
@bstatmeister and @blueranger I don’t have any experience with Vandys so I obviously cannot compare or advise in that regard.

Vandersteen speakers have a very strong following and informative threads here on Agon as do Tekton speakers.

My advice is to listen to each in your home setting.

Tekton offers a 60 day trial with the return shipping on the customer (typically around $300 or less for the DIs). It’s a fair offer and a generous time period. Since you are familiar with Vandersteen, if it were me, I’d start with the speaker I didn’t know.

I’m currently considering another speaker and it’s going to be a shot in the dark for me...I’d much rather have return privileges, even in this case where shipping costs will be significant as it would have to go back to Central Europe and the speakers are not lightweights.

All the best with your search.
My friend just purchased a pair of Vandersteen 3A Signatures used no original box but with two front spikes and some kind of adjustable height bracket that contains the rear spike for $1300 used.  So I would imagine they are a step up from the Vandy II's and a good value for that price.  Have not heard the Tek's sorry.

Happy Listening.
OP - My Vandersteen journey began with the original 2C and just as you stated it is very musical.  If you like the Vandersteen sound I would recommend you stay the course and upgrade to the 2Ce Sig II.  New if possible as Richard V. continually upgrades his speakers as time passes.

Not knocking the Tektons in any way, just a very different approach to sound reproduction.

Good luck and in the end, trust your gut. I mean your 👂👂.
Like the originator of this thread, I haven't been on this site very long, but I have noticed several references to auditioning equipment which is not practical for many.  Twenty five years ago I could and did audition equipment. Today I can not do so.
    I live in the same community and it has doubled in size ( 450K pop ).  However, all of the traditional stereo shops have closed.  Some of these retailers are still listed as open years after they have gone out of business??  The only place that I can see/hear audio equipment is "BESTBUY."  Try that for an experience. I own a pair of TEKTON LORES' with SEAS components, which I was able to try and return if I didn't like them. Two years later, they are still at my house. Today, I would like to try out an integrated amp, such as a Rogue Spinx or Nuprime IDA-16, but the only option I have is to buy or not. 
    This is the reality of consumer audio in America today and it is why such forums as this one and review magazines are so important. If you live in a large Metropolitan area, you can review equipment, not so for most of us.
I am watching this thread with great interest as I currently own the Sig II’s and want to pull the trigger on some Electrons (the smaller version of the DI’s). And yes, the Treo CT's are amazing!!!!
Yes extremely interested in folks who have loved the Vandersteen sound for so long and then heard the DIs and then were converted. I wonder if there is anyone out there that fits this description.

I already had one guy PM me and tell me we was going to buy the Quatros, but when he heard the DI's he didn't feel the need to look any further.
i never say anything bad about another product but if ya think Quattro bass can be duplicated for less, I need to smoke some of that....
11 bands analog EQ so speaker fits room
sub amp
your main amp relieved of load below 80 HZ
world class Model 7 Carbon tweeter...

your results may vary

i live with the Treo half time..... poor mans Vandersteen 7 .....

to the posters w no dealers - Music Direct as well as other dealers offer generous return policy... work it over the phone and you might be surprised....

Just compare the build quality of the two. The rest will speak for itself....
I have I have been a Vandersteen 2CE Sig 2 owner for several years now that is being driven by my McIntosh MC601 Monoblocks 600watts. Before I purchased my 2CE Sig 2, I was looking at some some speakers that cost five times the price of the Vandersteen and I still ended up with the 2CE Sig 2. These speakers I think are way under rated, the clarity, soundstage, and transparency is very good. It is however very sensitive to positioning so you really need to spend the time and follow the instruction. What I also found out is that the Vandersteen at least the 2CE Sig 2, are amplifier friendly meaning, regardless what brand of amp you use, it will sound good if set up right. I’ll be happy to demo mine if anyone here leave near by me. I was thinking about upgrading to the Treo but man, with the set up and system I have, it is very competitive. If there are any question please cotact me, thank you.
Yeah, I think the Vandersteen would likely win in the build quality department, but never seen the DIs up in person so it would only be an assumption. In the pics I've seen, the woofers do look so a little suspect which gives me pause for concern, but you just can't ignore all the positives people are saying about them. They really do sound to good to be true (and as we all know, when it's too good to be true it probably is), but perhaps this one of those rare case exceptions?
I know only my ears will be the judge, but still looking for folks who have tried both.
Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Tekton uses some Pro Sound woofer in the DI speakers. I know the Pendragons I tried had 10 in pro sound woofers. I also owned for 10+ years Vandersteen 2CE signatures (not the sig 2) and you can’t beat the quality of the speakers and sound considering they are priced so low. It is one of the true bargains in high end audio. Never heard the DI so can’t comment on them. Lots of people seem to like them. My only hesitation would be is after people had them a while, would they be tired of them and move on to something else? With the Vandersteen I was happy with the speakers for 10+ years.
I have had Vandersteen's for over 30 years, starting with the original 2C, working through the model 3s and now the Treo CT.  The only model that was at all grating was the original model 3 as the new metal dome tweeter was too hot.  Richard V. took little time to realize that and upgraded to the 3A and all was good.

Having the Treo CT for two years now, there would be no going back to the lower line models but even the current model 1s set up properly can sound quite marvelous.  John Rutan accomplished that at his Audio Connection audio emporium.  Doug McLeod was right there in the room with us!

As has been said here before, as long as you set them up properly, the Vandys will not disappoint and you can live with and enjoy them indefinitely.
We don't sell either so here is our take we have heard the DI and used to sell Vandys a million years ago.

The Vandys big soundstage not particularly well focused in image,  warm midrange, warm top end, bass response is relatively deep not super tight.

A very musical easy to listen to loudspeaker not great for detail freaks, easy to drive, plays decent volume, not the best head banging louspeaker, not super attractive.

Tekton's big layered soundstage, warm midrange, warm  top end, deep tight impactful bass, fit and finish not spectacular.  Also not hyer detailed very easy to listen to, easy to drive, highly efficient, great at playing loud, 

Box is very big and very square looking.  An incredible buy for the money nearly impossible to demo, yes they have a return privilage but that will cost you $300.00 vs Vandy which has a superb dealer network and the longevity of an American classic high end brand.

If you want a much more attractive speaker then eher of these with much greater treble resolution, unbelievable ribbon tweeter, seek out the new Quad Z3 which price has just come down from $4,300.00 to $2,999.00, not as much bass, similar efficiency to the Vandy's plays relatively loud but not as loud or as low as the Tektons.  We love ribbon tweeters and the Quad's tweeter is detailed with out the hyper detailed sound of many ribbon's.

The reality of this discussion these two contenders are both excellent.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Are the are the DI time align phase like the Vandersteen?
Though the Vandys were most definitely on my list of "if I ever see a deal on some" I can say by the time I did it was to late. I had already bought my first set of Tektons.
First, Eric Alexander and his team are fantastic to work with. The very first time I spoke with him he not only didn’t push me in one direction or another, he gave me a couple tips on how to make my existing 5.1 set up better (4 PSB towers, center and SVS sub).
After multiple phone calls, of which Eric answered the phone himself each time, I chose the Impacts. Not the Double Impacts. The newly designed Impacts.
Here was my goal. Build a great sounding low to mid budget system without spending a ton of money. Goal achieved!
I chose the Impacts after being advised by Eric that these would be a very detailed sounding speaker, and they are. In two channel stereo I listen to everything from Chopin (big classical piano lover), Clapton live, Norah Jones and Sade to Marilyn Manson. Everything sounds good.
Another reason I chose the Impacts was that the DI’s are way too large for our main living area. I also run a subwoofer so even though they are capable of running lower I have my Impacts crossed over at 60Hz.
Bottom line, even though I’m only 3 weeks in, I’m very glad that I chose the Tekton Design Impacts. Unfortunately I’m so pleased that I already have my eye on the Cinema Sub to replace the SVS and a set of Lores for another area in my home.

My budget system:
Oppo 203 with Signal Power Cable, Marantz 6012, Monolith 5X200, Morrow Audio SP6 cables and interconnects, Tekton Impacts in front, PSB towers in the rear, SVS sub and cruzeFirst Maestro wall outlet.
I don't have any experience with the Tektons, but I do own a pair of Vandy Treo CTs.  Excellent speakers, especially if they are dialed in correctly in the sweet spot. Vandy speakers, if you ask me are perfect for music lover who just wants to relax and enjoy the "music"...it is about the music no? The only draw back with the Vandies in my opinion is that you really need to be dial in, seating in front of the speakers to really enjoy the correct time and phase.  If the speakers are correctly placed and you're in the sweet spot, the Vandies in my opinion will compete with the best of them.  If you're not in the sweet spot and you like to roam around the house the Vandies will not sound their best and perhaps the Tektons will perform better in that case.  Reading the feedback on the Tektons and my own experience with Vandies, I'm sure both will sound great.  Good Luck!    
I guess I am lucky that I live in the NYC area.  Lots of people with systems and several audio clubs that gather regularly.  Plus a few in-home audio stores so I get to hear many options.  I also repair equipment and I manufacturer a DAC, preamp and amp.  Having repaired many components, I get to hear them and compare them.  I would try to search Audiogon for a local audio club and get to hear different systems.  Most people may also lend you something to hear in your system.  That is where I get to hear new things.

Happy Listening.