Tekton DI with PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium

Hi Everyone, my first inquiry/post here and a newbie to the topics here. I love to listen to music but I don't have anything close to an entry level audiophile. But I have a good background/experience with analog electronics and a switch-mode power supply designer by trade. So I should be able to follow some technical stuff you can add to your input. My room is close to 10X20 feet. Listens to jazz, rock and pretty much in between.
I will be getting a DI pretty soon and I would like to drive it with a PL Dialogue Premium. If any of you have done this (I'm positive there are some, hopefully) what can you share, positive or not between using the HP and the non-HP versions?

What do you think between the integrated version and the amp version (separates) for this speaker? Does it matter?
Just in case you are wondering why PL, my analog background wants to play on the electronics of this design, got my interest.

Thank you in advance. Happy listening.

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Are You Nuts Man?
You mentioned Tekton! 
Sorry,just getting you ready for the H8R's.
I have a Prima Luna Prologue 5 and enjoy it.KT88's in it now and have some KT120's,6L6 and EL34's to Roll in later
Not too many folks will beat you up for Prima Luna tho..
Had the Pendragons[had to sell in a money crunch]
 and now am running M-Lores[new from the sale this year]
and Lore References[bought used a few weeks ago but they look new!]
Many folks DO want to hear about The Tektons[me too] there are just some hardcore Tekton Trolls out there.
There are a couple really good info packed threads on the DI's and a few posters have been on the Inside of the DI's.
I would love to have a pair..someday.
I do not believe the Pendragons have the latest innovations.
I wouldn't apologize about wanting to talk about your Tekton Speakers at all.
Some just can not say"the Tektons are not for me" and leave it at that.
Good luck on your journey!