Tekton Design's new THE PERFECT SET equals "goosebumps time"

Just got in house for review for hometheaterreview.com Tekton Design’s new, The Perfect SET, which is close to 100dB efficient and never dips below 8 ohms, which Eric built to be used with SET "flea watt" amplifiers. It is a front ported design using a 12 inch woofer and his patented array of small transducers that function as a midrange driver with a single tweeter in the middle. I set them up in a system with a great 2A3 SET amplifier and found them so superlative I did not stop listening for over five hours! Taking about "goosebump time" the music was so beautiful that
I lost track of time.

These speakers have all the virtues of the other Tekton speakers, speed, utter transparency/micro-details, great soundstaging, and that special "aliveness" that I experience when I listen to my Ulf’s. What really amazed me was what the Perfect SET was delivering on the bottom end frequencies, subterrainian/taut powerful bass, that was shaking the room, all coming from at most 2.5 to 3 watts.

If you love SET amplifiers this speaker is a match made in heaven, and remember this pair just arrived and is not totally burnt in yet.

Clio09: Thank you very much for your input. I had also considered Aerial 5T’s for my den, but I really wanted to experiment with a high efficiency speaker and tube rolling. My main system (balanced) is comprised of an Audio evidence Research Reference 3 tube preamp, Audio Research PH-7 phonostage, Audio Research 100.2 solid state amp, VPI Classic turntable,  Bryston CD player, and afore mentioned Focal 1007 Be standmounts with a REL T9i subwoofer.  Very musical system that I think might compete with a system twice my cost.  Got the Audio Research gear used on Audiogon. 

If I decide to part ways with the Klipsch Heresys, I think the Fritz Carrera with it’s benign impedance curve would be to my liking. I live in Rapid City SD. I like the business model where boutique manufacturers sell to the consumer, allowing for a home trial. Yes, one can go to an audio show ( and Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver has been on my bucket list for a number of years), but one still doesn’t know how a given speaker will sound in one’s own home.  At any rate, I think the Fritz Carrera with it’s benign impedance curve would be my first choice if the Klipsch Heresys don’t work out. 

Oldschoolsound: I was awestruck by the generosity of your response. Audiogon is a great forum — particularly I think for those of us living “in the Styx” with limited access to high end audio. Yes there are trolls on the website and some snarky comments, but all in all I have benefited from frequenting this forum over the past 10 years or so. You provided me with a wealth of history and good ideas. Thank you! I suspect you may be a Midwesterner like myself. I am going to try some tube rolling, possibly elevating the Heresys, and trying some more attractive room treatments before giving up on the Heresys. Again, many thanks for your kind, most generous input. 

This speaker company intrigues me. But man it seems you either love it or hate it.
sorry I wasn't around yesterday to answer your tube questions. So, here goes: first, a question, do you have the most recent Dynamo or the original? I have owned both. The original Dynamo is a sweeter sounding amp though less robust in power supply. The original uses 5U4G rectification or equivalent and the newer model 5AR4/GZ34 or equivalent.

My original Dynamo SE sound best with Gold Lion KT-77s; they were compared to Psvane black 6CA7-Z (el34) which I used initially for about 6 months. Then I conducted a tube shootout. NOS Siemens el34, Tung-Sol el34s, New Mullard el34s and Gold Lion KT-77s. My results matched reviewer Steve Smith's results closely. Order of finish: KT-77s Psvane, Tung-Sol, Mullard, NOS Siemens.

My 6SL7 choice is either RCA Red base 5691 or NOS Sylvania 6SL7WGT. Rectifier tube best NOS GEC 5U4G, NOS Mullard CV378, RCA 5U4G or NOS Mullard 5AR4.

Along the way I modified my original Coincident Dynamo SE at the advice of Yazaki-San. Read about this gentleman on Jeff Day's Blog now on Positive-Feedback. Yazaki-san recommendations included strengthening the power supply, use of better capacitors, NOS resistors, rewire of internal wires with Old Western Electric tin-plated copper. 

You might consider contacting fellow Agon member grannyring for a loom of Dueland powecords, interconnects, speaker wire...all of which work great with the Coincident and my current Tekton speakers, Lore and Mini-Lore. I also use these wires with my DeVore Orangutan 0/96 Leben. Best, mikirob 
I will private message you. Didn’t mean to hijack this thread. Thanks  Dave
The newest Coincident Dynamo seems like a cool amp, at least based on the recent review I read somewhere, and it’s gorgeous...I considered a used one when shopping for a single ended amp (it was the older version), but my "bought used 3 months after its birthday" Dennis Had Firebottle HO (yes, it’s a HO...says so right there) won out and I’m happy with it....a few more watts. Defy the manufacturer and stick a pair of Gold Lion KT77s in that Dynamo! Do it, do it now!

I’m slightly curious about the "impedance curve" of my Heresy IIIs, but only slightly, and mainly due to Mapman’s comments...damn him! (kidding...don’t report me to the moderators)...the Fritz Carrera is 87db efficient and the only thing I’ve dug up about its "benign" impedance curve matches what I’ve read about the Heresy III, but I didn’t dig that hard...8ohms nominal, 6ohms minimum...and the Fritz is exactly 3 times the cost of my Heresy IIIs and 11db less efficient (!), which makes for strange if not unlikely bedfellows. Those things would likely suck the mojo out of my Firebottle during a crescendo or pretentious jazzbo outburst! One of the things I like about the Heresy IIIs, other than the sound, is they’re somewhat unique for a modern speaker...I was kind of bored with the "woofers and a tweeter in a box" design of 99% of what’s out there, needed efficiency with my Had amp, have been very happy with the sound of the anachronistic fat little things, and get uncontrollably emotionally defensive when their worth is questioned...*sniff*..."leave Brittany, uh...I mean MY HERESY IIIs alone!"