Tekton Design's new THE PERFECT SET equals "goosebumps time"

Just got in house for review for hometheaterreview.com Tekton Design’s new, The Perfect SET, which is close to 100dB efficient and never dips below 8 ohms, which Eric built to be used with SET "flea watt" amplifiers. It is a front ported design using a 12 inch woofer and his patented array of small transducers that function as a midrange driver with a single tweeter in the middle. I set them up in a system with a great 2A3 SET amplifier and found them so superlative I did not stop listening for over five hours! Taking about "goosebump time" the music was so beautiful that
I lost track of time.

These speakers have all the virtues of the other Tekton speakers, speed, utter transparency/micro-details, great soundstaging, and that special "aliveness" that I experience when I listen to my Ulf’s. What really amazed me was what the Perfect SET was delivering on the bottom end frequencies, subterrainian/taut powerful bass, that was shaking the room, all coming from at most 2.5 to 3 watts.

If you love SET amplifiers this speaker is a match made in heaven, and remember this pair just arrived and is not totally burnt in yet.

Ketchup they are not built less than Average, I  have one, I like my impact monitor the way it’s built, I wish , I have the piano finish...
Ketchup if the Tekton are built like the Wilson speakers , I can’t afford one, Iam ok with the built and look, especially the performance...
My understanding is the return shipping. I could be persuaded after I read a positive review. When is this coming? I don't like returning. I'm lazy and busy.
You recently gave a glowing review of the NSMT model 50 “Jamaica”. They are similar in size and cost, and both have dual front ports.  Which has better timbral accuracy and balance? Is there one that is less forward sounding? Would you pick both over the Tekton impact Monitor for a small 12x14x8 ft room being driven by an 8 wpc SEP (Coincident Dynamo)? 

I haven't heard of too many speakers pulling apart at the joints, but there's a guy over on the Double Impact thread who says the joints in his are pulling apart and cracking the paint enough he can see it from across the room. I don't personally characterize that as high build quality.