Tekton Design MOAB

Moab as spelled on their site after a place in Utah but the military reference to the mother of all boxes cannot go unmentioned.
Next giant killer? Anyone heard them?

@listening99 Thanks for suggestion. I also like the suggestion of https://herbiesaudiolab.com/products/threaded-stud-glider to help move them around to find the best spot. I hope the 8 ohm version I ordered will alleviate the "needs current to sound its best" and allow my 300b shine. I had considered the Encores, but thought the Moab's woofers at top and bottom would help even out lumpy bass in my smallish room and the 2db difference in sensitivity is a significant when dealing with low powered amps. I am curious, however, in why the discrepancies is claimed sensitivity and Stereophile's measurements in sensitivity.  Stereophile commonly measures many speakers at lower than claimed sensitivity. 

@larryk Great to hear that a big SET works well with the Moab's, the LM 845 based amps look nice (not that I would buy anything from China anymore). Do ya have the 8 ohm version? 

Just an observation, how does one tell if one or more tweeters dies?
It's a good point but how many ferrofluid tweeters have you blown?