Tekton Design MOAB

Moab as spelled on their site after a place in Utah but the military reference to the mother of all boxes cannot go unmentioned.
Next giant killer? Anyone heard them?

Excuse me if this has already been discussed I didnt feel like reading through all these posts. I owned the Dpuble Impacts for probably a year to year and a half. They were overall probably the most satisfying speakers Ive ever owned. One thing they excelled at was slamming mid bass for rock and metal. Wpuld the Moabs be a downgrade in the midbass dept compared to the DIs. Would they still be punchy and keep up with demanding hard rock music? 
Do an AB with/without the gliders.....they absolutely ruined the sound of my speakers.....but that's MY speakers.
@stringreen , If your speakers are Tektons, they require some kind of threaded feet to close the threaded hole because the holes allow airflow detrimental to their bass response.
klhoo7... Thanks, but I know that.   I used them under big Vandersteen speakers....killed the bass, mids, and highs.  The return was painless.  Herbe had no problem...good guy.
In my case, because of my small room, the “reduction of bass” from the sliders kind of helped the frequency response in my opinion. Obviously as stated before all results will be different depending on the speaker used, room, speaker position, etc. But with Moabs in a small room it’s working well and I’m quite pleased so far.

I was actually thinking about buying some measurement microphones from Earthworks to see exactly what happens to the frequency response with and without the sliding feet. The measurements would probably validate my conclusion about the changes a bit better. - I could even be dead wrong about what I’m hearing!

It’s great that the return process is quick and simple from what I’ve seen. Not every tweak will be a home run in every system, and that’s totally fine, all part of the experience/fun. No one achieves sonic ecstasy over night!