Tekton Design MOAB

Moab as spelled on their site after a place in Utah but the military reference to the mother of all boxes cannot go unmentioned.
Next giant killer? Anyone heard them?

If you heard the Moabs with the Parasound NewClassic 200 you heard an incredible $7500 system. If you had the P2/P5 in the system you heard how revealing the Moabs are and how much better they sound with premium kit driving them. Both systems used an OPPO 105 as DAC/disc spinner, also 2nd tier digital source. The Moabs reveal what is in front of them so they are at their best when driven by top-shelf equipment, I wonder how good a system with Moabs would be with Vinnie Rossi's latest DHT Integrated amp? 
The room used Straight Wire cables but I don't know what level, call Parasound or SW and find out.
@wester17 - do you know which electronics they were using when you heard the Moabs? From what I've read, I think they were using both the NewClassic 200 integrated and the JC2/JC5 combination in their room.

I listened to both systems. I specifically asked to hear the Parasound Classic 200 system for my first session, and that's the system I'm describing in my previous posting. The Halo system obviously sounded even better. 

On another note, unlike a previous post, I was quite disappointed in the Zu room this year. In years past, it's been one of the best, but it sounded quite ordinary to me this time. Just goes to show that we all have different tastes and preferences. We should always keep that in mind. 
" The room used Straight Wire cables but I don't know what level, call Parasound or SW and find out."

Parasound lists the total retail cost of the cables at $850, so they must have been reasonably entry level cables. 

Thanks for the info.
I believe i saw a display below the Moabs in the video that said StraightWire level 2.
Level 2 Speaker Cables would be  Soundstage, Symphony or Octave II 
Levek 2 ICs are  either Symphony II or Encore II