Tekton Design MOAB

Moab as spelled on their site after a place in Utah but the military reference to the mother of all boxes cannot go unmentioned.
Next giant killer? Anyone heard them?


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Spikes should go on after you find the optimal position.Furniture gliders would help you slide them around.I'd worry about snapping one of the spikes off  during repositioning.Congrats on your purchase!
There's a review pending on sixmoons.
nitrobob,sorry the DIs didn't work out for you.I have the Impacts and they definitely have no nasal coloration at 85-90db which is plenty loud to me:)Perhaps they would at over 100db but I'll never know.It makes my ears hurt to think about it:)
jgreen19 I think I'm a little jealous too;)Yes,aren't tubes just glorious through Tektons?!I agree with what others have discovered about how these speakers let you know exactly what's going on upstream.
The crisp treble in your B&Ws (and my Polks) is advantageous for tv and movies if you're able to have a second set up.Enjoy your system and thank you for posting your experience:)
@jayctoy  there are certainly some wonderful ss amps out there.I tend to get overly excited when someone comes over to *the dark side* for the first time;)The only best choice is whatever makes the individual happy. 
I'm looking forward to your thoughts too Ray.Two different musical presentations.
dave_t many many reviews are paid for directly or by buying ads.Also it's not unusual for the smaller manufacturers to customize components to suit the customer.But it's understandable to have second thoughts when there's controversy surrounding a product you're considering.
@dave_t the return policy is clearly stated on the website.We consumers need to take some responsibility and do our own research.
Tekton owners are really,really tired of trying to discuss our speakers while being constantly interrupted and trolled.After a while it's hard not to feel defensive and snap at people.
Best of luck to you while you search for new speakers.
@malus15 many of us are looking forward to your impressions.Please come back and tell us what you think and all about your system.
Congrats!Get some rest and enjoy those Moabs:-)I would also be interested in more detail in placement and treatments when you get a chance.