Tekton Design Moab

Ordered a pair just now. In Dark Gray, to which Tammy immediately said, "Oh the Charcoal is beautiful!" Charcoal sounds better than Dark Gray (even though we are talking about the same color!) so Charcoal it is!  

My beloved Talon Khorus do still sound awfully good. It will be interesting to see how the Moabs stock out of the box compare with these tweaked and modded warhorses. Both the strength, and the weakness, of the Khorus is using the 10" woofer to cover so much midrange. Its a strength because it makes for a very smooth and cohesive sound. But its a weakness because its asking a lot of such a large driver to go so high. Talon makes up for it with their isobaric design. Mounted inside and directly behind the woofer is another identical driver facing the opposite direction. The idea is this relieves the front facing driver of having to compress the air inside the cabinet. This does allow for a much faster response, and is a big reason for the wonderful music the Khorus produces. 

I have a feeling however it is no match for Eric Alexander's ultra-low mass driver array solution. Only one way to know for sure. So we will just have to see!  

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Of course, it would not be for everyone.

By the way, I found it cute how description is "We craft affordable and practical audio products...". Affordable to some extent definitely, but ask your wife about "practical". Nothing wrong with it, but practical is not the second thing that comes to one’s mind when talking about Tektons, at least about Moabs.
I think by practical they mean practical approach to a lot of good sound for the money. Needless to say larger models will be less practical for more no matter what brand.

Glupson I think audiogon should hire you as a thread moderator. You put a lot of energy into it even for products you don’t like.
Glupson I think audiogon should hire you as a thread moderator. You put
a lot of energy into it even for products you don’t like.

Should we put it to a vote? Here is the new ad campaign.
"Vote Glupson for Thread Moderator. I’ll steer your thread to places you never thought possible. (keep those galoshes handy)
I approve this message."
New tekton Lore review up on YouTube by Next best Thing Studio.
I don't think you know the definition of practical
 It means    "sensible and realistic in their approach to a situation or problem."  Or  "suitable for a particular purpose."
I see it as meaning that don't have special veneers or high dollar drivers. They don't put in there anything they don't need .
They do not build them to look pretty . they build them to sound nice ,as it should .It is a speaker.
I would say Tekton speakers  and their design is  "VERY PRACTICAL".