Tekton Design Moab

Ordered a pair just now. In Dark Gray, to which Tammy immediately said, "Oh the Charcoal is beautiful!" Charcoal sounds better than Dark Gray (even though we are talking about the same color!) so Charcoal it is!  

My beloved Talon Khorus do still sound awfully good. It will be interesting to see how the Moabs stock out of the box compare with these tweaked and modded warhorses. Both the strength, and the weakness, of the Khorus is using the 10" woofer to cover so much midrange. Its a strength because it makes for a very smooth and cohesive sound. But its a weakness because its asking a lot of such a large driver to go so high. Talon makes up for it with their isobaric design. Mounted inside and directly behind the woofer is another identical driver facing the opposite direction. The idea is this relieves the front facing driver of having to compress the air inside the cabinet. This does allow for a much faster response, and is a big reason for the wonderful music the Khorus produces. 

I have a feeling however it is no match for Eric Alexander's ultra-low mass driver array solution. Only one way to know for sure. So we will just have to see!  

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@viber6, So many questions! The GTA 2.5s have a 4 foot full range planar and 4 foot long true ribbon tweeter, and 2 10" subwoofers in a sealed cabinet below the planar drivers driven by a 400W Hypex plate amp. The OB subs are a more coherent match to the planars, but the self-powered pair of 10" woofers in my GTAs are quick, mate very smoothly to the planar around 80-100 Hz, and go strong to about 30 Hz and are a very good compromise in a much more appealing package, so the Moabs go even lower and have a little bit more impact below 200 Hz. From 100 Hz up, I'm calling a draw on transparency, the Moabs didn't disappear as effectively as the VSA Endeavor E-3 Mk IIs or QLN Prestige 3s, or the GTA 2.5s when they have room to breathe from the rear wall. The true ribbon has more extension and finesse than the stock Moab tweeter, the Be upgrade will bring them closer but I haven't heard a Be tweetered Tekton, but I want to hear one and especially a full 15 Be tweeter array, could be transformational. I will have the full range planar updated to the "Reference" level when transportation allows and change the cap on the ribbon to a current upgraded one as well. I appreciate Greg's guarantee that upgrades can be applied to older models, peace of mind for clients, priceless.
Hi, I am currently finishing my new house with a semi dedicated listening room. It will get a lot of hopefully the proper treatment and my wife says it’s okay. It is 16x21x9 and I am considering the Moabs or Encores. My main question is about the positioning of the speakers and location of listening seat. I 7 feet away too close ?Sorry if I may have missed this in the discussion but any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Really am pretty new at this but I am old guy that needs to catch up.
ksnel331 , Moabs and Encores need room to breath. So giving them space behind and to the sides is important. At least 2-3ft from the back of the cabinet (a bit more could be better) And, for example, if you have the tweeters maybe 8ft apart, toed in a little, then a 7ft listening position should be ok. A lot of guys have them 10ft apart and that works for them. Take a look at MC's system page and see where he has his. He is getting good results. Ultimately your ears will be the final judge.


Thanks for your detailed answer.  In addition, your post is valuable because you actually compare the Moab to other top quality speakers.  This thread needs more posts of the quality of yours, so I ask the experienced owners of Tektons to compare them to other speakers in the manner you did.  Thanks for that.  There is no question that for dynamic speakers, Tektons are very near the top of the heap for both absolute sound quality and value.

The weakest part of any of the Tektons is from 300 Hz down to the upper bass which uses conventional dynamic drivers.  In this range, conventional dynamic drivers cannot equal the resolution/clarity of planar magnetics, ribbons or stats.  I would hope that Eric can upgrade the performance in this region by using an array of larger drivers to cover 300-100 Hz.  For example, use a few Be 4" drivers in a new array.  That would be a great new patent for him.

I like the concept of the Paradigm Persona model B, which uses Be drivers for the entire freq range above about 60 Hz.  The larger Persona models offer more bass, but are compromised by using conventional drivers for the low bass.  The model B uses a 7" Be driver for below 2kHz.  I would expect the model B to produce more accurate, although not as powerful, performance as the Tektons below 300 Hz.  Can the model B have the accuracy of the Moab from 300-2kHz from its larger 7" Be driver?  I suspect Moab with all Be tweeter drivers has the advantage because of its smaller drivers in that array.  Then there are different Be drivers and their implementation through various crossover networks.  Which Be driver is Tekton using?

You may not know all the answers right now, but your high standing in the professional review community should give you the clout to raise these issues with speaker designers.

Also according to Wiki,
McIntosh Group, an American holding company, 
Owns McIntosh Laboratories, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Wadia  Digital, Sumiko, and Find Sounds Asia....
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