Tekton Design Moab

Ordered a pair just now. In Dark Gray, to which Tammy immediately said, "Oh the Charcoal is beautiful!" Charcoal sounds better than Dark Gray (even though we are talking about the same color!) so Charcoal it is!  

My beloved Talon Khorus do still sound awfully good. It will be interesting to see how the Moabs stock out of the box compare with these tweaked and modded warhorses. Both the strength, and the weakness, of the Khorus is using the 10" woofer to cover so much midrange. Its a strength because it makes for a very smooth and cohesive sound. But its a weakness because its asking a lot of such a large driver to go so high. Talon makes up for it with their isobaric design. Mounted inside and directly behind the woofer is another identical driver facing the opposite direction. The idea is this relieves the front facing driver of having to compress the air inside the cabinet. This does allow for a much faster response, and is a big reason for the wonderful music the Khorus produces. 

I have a feeling however it is no match for Eric Alexander's ultra-low mass driver array solution. Only one way to know for sure. So we will just have to see!  

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Just tap on 'millercarbon' and choices will come up, one of them being 'message user'.
That's the best, most sensible thread post so far......
There is no truth, only opinion
Of course you are speaking in terms of the confines of this thread and forum where the vast majority of discussions are based in individual and collective opinion. But there is also truth in these threads.
And of course in the real world there is truth everywhere.
There are facts, there are statements of reality, there are truths.
Interesting premise to try electrode gel, but I wouldn’t recommend it given the electrode salt content would be a catalyst for wire corrosion.
Oh, I’m sorry.
Was I supposed to run my opinion by miller first?
So, what he's hearing from the speakers is 60-70% tweaks, and only 30% from the Moabs?
Plus you never turned off the subs?
How can anyone possibly get an accurate account of what stock Moabs sound like under such circumstances?

Are you referencing the Jack and the Beanstalk Bugs Bunny?
Like I said,
more amusing by the minute!


If you are serious, I sincerely send good vibes and prayers your way.

I thought it was people who live in stone houses shouldn't throw glasses...
I think it’s great he opened up his home and spent time and effort hosting fellow enthusiasts.
Just be honest about your motive.
I know people have done that with other speakers.
Seems like it works out dandy and a good way to meet like minds and make a new friend or three.
There are indeed many types of truths...
Hi, rix.
No, like yourself I have never biamped speakers.
My thinking is if it is a nominal charge to have that option, why not?
Unreal, surreal or more real?
I was going to mention that very thing in my post, but I didn’t want to give an excuse for deletion.
I mean those words he uses are identical!
Pai  Mei  would have wooped  them all! One of my favorite all time movie characters.
Oh, I meant post deletion. No chance of me being deleted, I'm protected by the Crazy 88.

Great news. Imagine if everyone was like me.
What a disturbing thought....
What are the elements of shearing under the stars?
Nilsson Shmilsson and Son of Shmilsson are both dandy albums.
Exuberant build quality?
You are quite wrong.
I used it quite correctly in its proper context.
If one practices illeism, one is an illeist.
So nyah!
Ah, miller you scamp!
I prove you wrong in your last post and you delete what you were wrong about.
You also failed to mention it is a classic sign of Narcissistic Personality disorder. Maybe you should discuss it amongst yourself...
If there is any disagreement-as squeak_king_77 stated-reply constructively and counterpoint. I personally like to hear about those who are enjoying their components.
Know what’s not constructive?
Calling people hateful, awful, and their posts pure crap.
Acting like a superior, know it all d!ck.
Insulting people when they post an innocuous statement.
Thinking your opinion is the only opinion that counts.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take an aspirin and listen to some Gregorian chants, or at least look at a Gregorian calendar. I just like writing the word ’Gregorian’.

So the spring is static and doesn’t move?
I don’t understand. I thought the premise of the spring was for it to do what springs do and allow the speaker to ’float’ on it freely.
Is this not the case?
Hi, speedbump6.
Say, when you get a chance, can you ask miller why he stated that the fO.q tape uses the piezoelectric effect?
Also, can you ask him why he always states his opinions and everything he posts as if they are chiseled in granite facts, and anyone who does not share in his opinion is wrong and subject to his oh so mature name calling?
Also, can you ask him why, instead of counterpointing in a calm and controlled manner, does he verbally go for the throat of those who disagree with him?
So, who’s the bully here? Who has the character flaws?
See, I’d ask him myself, but it appears I’m on his naughty list of hateful, awful, deranged folks who are not worthy of his responses, and you appear to be on his nice list.
I thank you very much.
Almost forgot, can you also ask him if he has an actual list of our names and has perhaps made little voodoo dolls of some of us?
I ask because lately I’ve been experiencing an occasional sharp pain in my spine and need to know if I should contact a medical doctor or a witch doctor.
Again, thank you.

No, he really didn’t answer anything, all he did was drag out his old reliable standby of denigration and insults. Do you not see this?
And, he should have gotten a clue when he posted the definition of what the effect is. How’s a piece of tape do that??
Hi, protoss71.
Please elaborate as to how anyone’s political leanings have any bearing on this thread discussion.
Talking politics and naming political figures is strictly forbidden by the moderators. You’re new. Lots to learn...

I have asked them repeatedly to remove their obnoxious and offensive posts.
You first.
I didn't think about contractions.
I hear they can also be very 'hip'  as the kids say today.

Don't forget what??
Your body, your business, but I don’t believe that is a healthy way to do it.
Although it does explain a lot of your posts....
I am a fan of Canadian whisk brooms.
A much healthier preoccupation....
I did not mean for my post to insult and upset you.
You seem like quite a nice fellow and I was merely making a good natured attempt at humor regarding your handle. It was not my intention to upset you.
I have since deleted my post and I apologize to you for any insult and anger it may have caused. And, I must say- your reply was indeed some Prime Time trash talk! Kudos!
I’m neither carping nor cavilling.
I’m simply making an observation.
Perhaps you wouldn’t be so angry if you ate properly....
Is that like the 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon'?
Myself, I don't eat bacon.

if ksnel331 and miller really hit it off, would that be considered carbon dating?
Mr. greenaudiophile2,
I can assure you, in this forum I am no one of consequence. Taking your word for it, apparently I was mistaken in my assumption as to the intent of your post. For this, I humbly apologize.

And you weren’t supposed to mention my wadded up panties.
That was supposed to be our little secret....💏
Just a reminder-
As we all know tomorrow is Michaelmas Day.
So for tonight-Michaelmas Eve- play some special music through your speakers of choice...

I believe miller lashes out so because in his mind he owns this thread and believes he and he alone should control the narrative. That he should hold dictatorial sway over all posts. He gets quite frustrated that he cannot. So he lashes out through his own posts, for example the last one which is full of untruths, exaggerations and name calling. A classic narcissistic response.
I reiterate; fascinating and amusing.....
Interestingly, balsa is classified as a hardwood....
Remember, if you are going to make Struan, no metal utensils, and crack your nuts tonight. Also, after tomorrow, no more picking blackberries. Can’t be sure If Mephistopheles hadn't urinated on them after he was cast out....
speed, understood.
You are correct. No rhyme nor reason why some go and some stay.

I myself, don't take any of this personally enough to make the effort to report anyone.
what color moabs would you choose?
What are those two small black boxes plugged into your conditioner?
His post was up for an extremely short period.
It appears to be a self deletion.
Gosh, even I'M not that stupid??!
Thanks, miller. Really.
To be mentioned by you is, wow! I have no words. It’s like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and winning the lottery all rolled into one!
You wouldn’t believe how I’m blushing right now!
Somebody pinch me!
It’s a dream come true! A trip to the moon on gossamer wings!
I, I think I’m going to faint.....oh, the honor! It, it’s too overwhelming........
Nevertheless We are all God’s creations and due a certain level of respect as a result

Does that include miller or not?
Hard to tell...
Has ksnel331 ever shown up? It would be interesting to read his impressions.
I believe their date is this weekend...
That's because hateful, awful posters are posting pure crap and are ignorant of the past 200 years of scientific discovery.
I believe you’re getting the words ’post’ and ’thread’ mixed up. As of 6:48 am, you have 30 minutes to rectify this.