Tekton Design MOAB

Moab as spelled on their site after a place in Utah but the military reference to the mother of all boxes cannot go unmentioned.
Next giant killer? Anyone heard them?

No reason to. It's all about cramming a bunch of cheap drivers into a cheap box to make a lot of money. Every day we try a new tweeter pattern to see if by accident we might get it right. In this one they are trying a quasi D'Appolito Array using 7 tweeters to form one midrange driver on either side of another tweeter. I'm sure they go loud. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.
I wonder which is the " better " speaker. MOAB or DI SE, at the same selling price. @ mijostyn, enough people ( many are reviewers who I appreciate reading ), enjoy and own Tekton Design speakers. My love for horns, high sensitivity / efficiency, high power handling ability, the use of pro drivers, and, an intelligent and ground breaking designer, to get all of this done, seems to me to be a good recipe for providing excellent speakers for the money. I have only heard the Lores. Although no speaker is for everybody, the sales and marketing seems to be working, and growing, for Eric Alexander, and his Tekton company. I would love to hear a pair of DIs, or above. In fact, with my background, and experiences in the audio field, I would love the opportunity to become a beta - tester, for Mr. Alexander....Enjoy ! MrD.
There's a review pending on sixmoons.
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Well said. mijostyn is just another loudmouth with an empty head.

Tekton is the real deal. I just heard the DIs for the first time today and they are my new gold standard. I now know what all the fuss is about!
I'm tempted to get the ulfberhts and put them in my bed room lol. 12x16x8 feet.

Eric said they would sound better than the DI in my small space.
My review pair for Six Moons.com were shipped today.  They will arrive on Monday.  I'll be able to give you guys a "first impression" by mid-week.  I have a hunch that Eric has created another superlative speaker at a killer price.  We shall see.

Here was my take on them a year or so ago ……. But it's just me

Alright guys,

I sent my Double Impacts, 4 ohm w/ Upgrades back. I ran them continuously for a couple weeks. Sorry to say, they just ain’t my cup of tea......I'm attempting to give people seeking opinions an honest evaluation from a previous demo’er.. I’m not going to claim to be some sort of professional magazine editor or something, so I will just tell you in laymen's terms my observations.

Ok ,here goes.....My Equipment . 1) Marantz 8801 Processor.. 2) ATI Signature Series 6005 300 Watt (450 @ 4 ohm) x 5 Channel Amp.. 3) OPPO 205 Player.. 4) Bang and Olufsen Turntable.. 5) (2) Furman Elite 20 PFI line Conditioners..6) All Blue Jean Cabling ... 7) I was using my current surrounds and center .. Ascend Acoustics Raal Ribbon Horizon Center and Raal Ribbon Sierra 2’s...8) I also have 2 PSA 18 inch ported 750 watt subs. Room is a 16 x 24 with 8 1/2 foot ceiling with a listening position of 9.5 feet.. Like a stated, I’m retired now so I was able to continuously play with the system for a solid two weeks.. The last 2 of those days at high SPL’s ...One day by myself, as my wife was out of town, and the second day with her helping me. She had the final “they gotta go”, but I was thinking the same thing and was in total agreement . I was comparing them to my Ascend Acoustics Raal Sierra Towers.. If I was looking for something for home theater only,....The Tektons are a clear winner.. bingo, jackpot, YIPPIE !... Much fuller than my Ascends, and the soundstage was the entire front wall. Imaging was better than the Ascends. While I was breaking them in, I had the center channel shut off and was just running the cable TV, which is Spectrum, in Stereo mode ... you honestly could not tell the center speaker was not on. My wife thought it was . When I told her is wasn’t, she didn't believe me, so I had her get up and come over to the center speaker and check that it was indeed dead . The Tektons were so “solid sounding”. They ARE big, they sound big,... and they sound solid . One thing I noticed and so did she,was the nasally sound the voices have. I don’t know if that’s what you call coloring..? Like Tom Petty was doing all the talking. Very noticeable at first, and irritating ... but by the end of the second week I was getting used to it, and it was not as big a deal. Movies in 5.2 with Audessey in command, sounded really, really, nice. Better than the theaters. Dynamic is not a big enough word for the wall of sound these speakers put out .. BTW, the Tektons blended with the Ascends fine, at least we thought so .. Eric told me they would, and he was right ..

By now your thinking, what's the catch, what's the rub, why send them back ? The answer,,,,music . First let me tell you why I tried Tektons in the first place. Movies are not my bag. Their alright, but I’m a music lover first and foremost. And one of my favorite things to do, is sit down in front of the system, put in a CD, crank it up, and listen to, and watch video concerts. Maybe invite another couple over, or maybe with my wife, or sometimes just me and a good stout drink .. I grew up in the Bars of Ohio. Back then just about every bar had live rock bands every Friday and Saturday nights.. Went to many, many concerts when I was younger also. Still do, we are heading to “ Get The Led Out”, A Led Zeppelin copy band, in a few weeks ...

My Ascend Towers (along with those subs and surrounds), did this chore extremely well. Extremely . Like being in a live recording studio. The problem was SPL’s. I like about 110 –112 db at that 9.5 LP. I like to feel it, as well as hear it.. Problem is, those volumes are wide open for the Ascends. In talking to Dave at Ascend, he told me NOT to exceed 110 dbs.. He figured my listening position, amplifier and so forth and gave me these boundaries, which I must live by, if I want no damage... BUT, I don’t like the idea of running ANYTHING, right on the edge of clipping. Just puts my speakers on the edge of damage the entire time we are enjoying them... So I was looking for a speaker that would sound like the Ascends, maybe even better, but be idling at those volumes .... The Tektons have quite a bit better sensitivity for higher volumes than the Ascends, So enter the Tektons ....

Bottom line, they are no ways near as clear as the Ascends. But the Tektons have there high points. The drums sound like you are on the seat, hitting the drum yourself. I credit that to the twin 10 inch woofers, and in my next speaker choice I will certainly look for that.... But the mid ranges are,,,as my wife stated “compressed, cramped up, like their all mixed up”. Really forward, and in your face. It’s a WHOLE LOT ...of nothing.... Just too much mid range and not enough clarity. And yes, we tried to EQ it out. Problem is, it strips everything else in that band while your doing so ...EQ’in just won’t work.. A couple of hours of Tektons and my left ear actually hurt. At the same identical SPLs I had listened to the Ascends many times over ..We listened to many of our favorite concerts we knew quite well. Eagles, Floyd..etc . Well recorded disc. Didn’t listen to poorly recorded ones, as I very seldom ever listen to them..   For instance, the Pretenders have a concert recorded in LA called “Pretenders...Loose in LA.”.. It’s mixed quite well and I recommend it for you rockers.. Crissey Hynde’s vocals, when coming thru the Ascends, are breathtaking, give ya chills..On some songs you can kind of hear her breath between notes...Keep in mind this is a rock and roll band, and a lot of other “stuff” is happening at the same time she is singing, killer lead guitar riffs, impacting drums, a heavy bass guitar... But even with all that going on, utter clarity where it’s needed.   Not so with the Tektons, you can’t pick any of that out... Its gone, and you have to “hunt” for those things we took for granted ..I guess I shouldn't say its gone, more like its “masked” .. I’m assuming these issues are that tweeter array, and the way they cross over... I don’t know all the technical reasons.. but we were not liking it .

You know, everybody says the Tektons sound like live music. Maybe their right. But most concert's I been to are distorted as heck . I try to sit as close to the mixing board as I can, whenever I go to live performances. That’s where I have found it sounds best. But live performances usually suck as far a clarity. I want the clarity of a studio, with the impact and dynamics of a concert. But then again I’m attending Rock venues. I was not looking for a speaker that resembles a PA system ...When I talked to Eric, he informed me I must be one of the “Warm Freaks” or something ... LOL . I guess I am.

I have learned I really like a good ribbon tweeter. They are so crisp, and non fatiguing even when turned up loud. ....

So, I'm looking for a good ,dynamic, warm, speaker that has a real crisp tweeter and big inch woofers, and can play loud... Know of any ? !!!... I hope this review didn’t rub anybody the wrong way. Everybody likes different stuff. And in Talking to Eric, I was told his returns are about 1 in 30 .... That’s tells me I’m in the rarity, so take this review for what its worth....whatever that may be ..  

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Hey nitrobob,

Just one question: Why would you post a review on the DI speakers when this thread is totally centered on the Moab model.  Your review belongs on the DI thread, not this one.

If you really do often listen at 110-120 db levels I question what's left of your hearing to begin with.  I would be much more concerned about damaging my ability to hear, then what these db levels could do to my speakers.  You can have them repaired, but once you "fry" your ears there's no going back.  So, I question not your take or experience with the Tekton Speaker, but what it really tells us about the speakers performance because of your impaired hearing ability.
roxy54, you are quite correct just a loud mouth with an empty head. Tekton speakers are a garbage marketing scam which I have seen numerous times throughout the years. Tell me what is so special. Domed tweeters, 12" woofers, box, anything else? That stuff has been around for centuries. What they are doing is shoving a lot of it into that box and selling it for relatively cheap prices to suck airheads like you in. Go ahead and get a set. Put your money where your mouth is. 
The minuscule LS 3/5a will out perform that crap in ways someone like you just can not imagine. Those things are a disgrace to every legitimate
speaker company out there like KEF, Sonus Faber, B+W, Harbeth, Focal, Wilson, Magico, Magnepan, Rogers, Soundlabs, Martin Logan, Sanders and many more. All companies that have something special to add to the mix, moving the goalpost forward. Sorry if you have already bought them but I do not pull punches. I have made enough mistakes over the years. Maybe I am just trying to keep some people (not you) from making similar mistakes. If you want loud just get yourself a set of old Altec stage monitors. Blow your head off.
nitrobob,sorry the DIs didn't work out for you.I have the Impacts and they definitely have no nasal coloration at 85-90db which is plenty loud to me:)Perhaps they would at over 100db but I'll never know.It makes my ears hurt to think about it:)
I should add, politically correct SUCKS

Maybe I am just trying to keep some people (not you) from making similar mistakes.

How kind of you! But, you haven’t heard these speakers. So, your diatribe is worthless.
I haven't heard the Tekton Moab or Direct Impact. I have, however, heard the Ulfberhts. I have owned a pair for about 3 months. The Ulfberht is the best speaker I have ever heard. They do an amazing job of creating the illusion of listening to live music. I had the Vandersteen 3a Signatures for several years and thought they were terrific. The Ulfberhts blow them out of the water.

The Moab shares a family resemblance with the Ulfberths and Tekton Encore, which is a MTM array of 15 tweeters, 14 of which cover the midrange and 1 that covers the high-end. The Moab lacks mid-bass drivers and is about 25% smaller than the Ulfberht, but about 25% bigger than the Encores, which do have mid-bass drivers. What is interesting to me about them is they they cost half of what the Ulfberht will set you back, $4,500.

I am eager to read the review. I want to emphasize that the Tekton Design approach of using multiple tweeters to reproduce the midrange frequencies works phenomenally well, although admittedly it looks odd.
I don't own the speakers and don't plan to, I just have a problem with people like you who pan things that they haven't heard on the basis of perception and not experience.You're embarrassing yourself. 
Based on reviews I've ordered the DI monitors, Peachtree says they are a great match to the Nova 300. I'll know in about a week if they are better than my B&W 685's.
More will be revealed...
First time poster here.  I just received my Moabs a couple weeks ago.  They are absolutely amazing!  HUGE sound stage, and no they aren't "just loud".  They are very natural sounding neutral speakers. The Moabs don't have that bright crisp sound that some people are looking for. That's not to say they are dull in any way, just less hyped and more smooth in the upper register. I have a pair of B&W 805 D2's which are definitely a brighter crisper speaker (and more directional).  That being said I find the B&W's a lot more fatiguing that the Moabs.  I originally purchased the B&W's and although they are very nice speakers, they didn't create the sound stage I was looking for.  I added a pair of stereo REL T9i's to the mix all running through a Lyngdorf TDAI 2170.  Sound was great but I wasn't satisfied. I just wanted a larger soundstage and more of a neutral frequency response from top to bottom. After listening to different towers at numerous dealers by Magico, Dynaudio, Focal etc.. I finally realized the bookshelf with sub wasn't for me.  I really wanted the full range of a tower.  The problem was the money.  I just couldn't justify dropping more than 15-20k on a pair of towers.  So I read about Tekton and gave Eric a call and decided on trying the Moabs.  I plugged them in and just couldn't stop smiling.  They were pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  I've been breaking them in and they keep getting better.  To finish out my story, while doing research on speakers online, I kept hearing about PrimaLuna tube amps.  Having never heard any of my stuff through tubes I decided to buy a PrimaLuna Integrated Dialogue HP.  I hooked it up to my Moab's and holy jesus it just brought the low end to life.  I had no idea it would have made that much of a difference.  I mean the Lyngdorf is a well reviewed very nice piece of kit but WOW did the PrimaLuna just elevate everything.  I then decided to try out PrimaLuna's new DAC which sounds stunning.  Currently my setup is a Roon Nucleus running into the new PrimaLuna DAC into the Dialogue HP.  I've got a Marantz SA8005 SACD Player.  A Rega P3 with a Schiit Mani pre, Audioquest cables and the Moabs.  Entire set up is around 15K which is 5K LESS than a pair of Focal Sopra 3's.  I just don't know what to say other than I am VERY happy!!!
Why do you comment when you have never heard them ?
What is the point ?
What is your problem ?
Nobody should be mouthing off about had bad a speaker is without hearing them. That is completely Ignorant of you.
The ATI amps are known to be forward and somewhat bright.
To be fair , the Tekton DI sound better with better equipment. If you were looking for musical setup ,you need better equipment and cables (more musical ) than what you had .There isn’t any speaker out IMO that reacts or shows you the difference in amps, cables ,sources ETC , better than the DI. The Tekton DI sound as good as the equipment you are using. Component and cable changes are VERY noticeable. I never feel that the DI is forward or in your face . In fact they are just the opposite in my setup.

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grey9hound I am in huge agreement with you that the DIs are limited mainly by their associated components. For sure cabling is especially critical. Recently a DIY friend of mine build power and speaker cables that let the DIs really deliver life-like sound. OMG, I was in awe at the extended bass and clarity of the mid-range and highs. When I listen to my setup it is like being there. Fortunately where I live there are two local jazz organizations and a college that allow me to attend live events, frequently. Life is good!
I can't get over how good the DIs were in EVERY way. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. Simply, utterly awestruck. Best speakers I've ever heard, and it's not close.
Hi nitrobob,
I appreciate your comments and perspective of your Double Impact speaker listening impressions. This is the beauty of an open discussion forum, exposure and awareness of varying opinions. Grey9hound raises a point I’ve made previously regarding the Double Impacts. They do sound quite different depending on the amplifier in use. In fact I’d say that they do effectively reveal signal chain components very clearly.

Nitrobob I don’t know if a different amplifier/electronics would make a difference in your assessment of these speakers or not. No audio product is going to please every single listener as we all can easily acknowledge. I don’t own Tekton speakers but during my listening of them the sound really changed based on switching/changing of the power amplifiers. This reflects well on the speaker’s lack of masking characteristics. Each amplifier was allow to present its own sonic signature.
@bstatmeister Which other speakers have you heard that you are comparing the Tekton's to?
Has anyone ordered a Tekton with all Be drivers? I wonder how much that would brighten the sound and add more microdetail.
With all the threads on this brand, I'm sure they sound fine.

At $4500, I would expect a minimum build level. The Tekton could at least route their speakers to mount flush with the baffle for a clean,non DIY look.

jgreen19 I think I'm a little jealous too;)Yes,aren't tubes just glorious through Tektons?!I agree with what others have discovered about how these speakers let you know exactly what's going on upstream.
The crisp treble in your B&Ws (and my Polks) is advantageous for tv and movies if you're able to have a second set up.Enjoy your system and thank you for posting your experience:)
@ smodtactical, I’ve heard these (I know I’ve missed a few):

Vandersteen 2C, 3A, Treo CT
Magnapan 1.7
Klipsch RP600M
Golden Ear Triton Reference Towers
Paradigm Studio 100’s (and a couple other Paradigm towers, but don’t remember the models)
A couple different Sonus Fabers
Martin Logan
B&W 802 (and a lower model 804s I think and various book shelfs)
Monitor Audio Silver series
Living Voice
ELAC (various models)
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Since I received several responses from my review, if you want to call it that. Here is an e-mail I received from Jim Salk, as it came down to his product, and the Legacy Focus SE’s I ended up with …….Very interesting read from someone no one is going to dispute his credentials.

As far as my listening to loud music while playing back video concerts. My question to you is, do you ask the bands to turn down the volume when you go to concerts ? I take my meter to the concerts I go to and they average about 115 ten rows back. Some of you guys make me chuckle. One time I went to a USAC stock car race. There was a guy came in and sit down, and he was wearing head ear muffs for noise protection. Out of the blue, the man sitting beside me spoke up and ask this muffed fellow " why don’t you wear a blindfold, then your couldn’t SEE them EITHER " LOL .

I’m 63 years old and have no intentions on changing what has been a lifetime of listening, and FEELING good music,

Jeff –

Your email hit a nerve with me. I’ve been pondering this for a number of years now and I’ll convey my thoughts.

The world of speaker driver design can be broken up in two different camps…

  1. Accurate drivers at moderate to low sensitivity. These drivers are extremely accurate, but are limited to about 105db.
  2. High sensitivity drivers that are very fast, but quite inaccurate. These drivers rely on very low mass cones, very flexible surrounds and large motors. But the design aspects that lead to high sensitivity also lead to higher distortion and very poor performance in terms of accuracy. They feature a good deal of “slam” that works well for home theater. But for music, they fall quite short of the mark since their frequency response normally leaves much to be desired.

The high-efficiency designs can be quite edgy and can be very fatiguing. I know this because I spent years in recording studios where this type of speaker monitor is prevalent. (Names like Altec, Electrovoice and Klipsh come to mind.) The speakers are easy to drive and quite “fast.” But after 8 hours of mixing, the last thing I wanted was to hear anything. So for many of these years, I did not listen to music at home. These speakers simply wore me out. And that is why we haven’t built many of these designs over the years (other than by request for a one-off design). While they can output high SPL’s with ease and can be impressive at first, they are not easy to listen to for extended periods of time. Furthermore, they don’t accurately reproduce music and generally don’t handle it very well.

In my home theater, I use a combination of speakers. For the left and right mains, I use a custom high sensitivity coaxial design and love them. They have a great deal of “slam,” but I would never choose to listen to music with them. Most of our other speakers are far superior for music listening due to the fact that they are light years ahead in terms of accuracy and transparency.

With the exceptions of line arrays (which have significant problems themselves), most all speakers that do a great job on music will be limited to about 105db due to the performance attributes of the drivers themselves. And while you could address this using multiple drivers, the problem is the cabinets get very large, very fast.

Back in 2001 when I began building speakers, almost no one used ribbon tweeters. After the very first pair I built with them, I very quickly decided that I preferred the accuracy and transparency of ribbons. We’ve been turning out ribbon-based designs ever since and were one of the first companies to use RAAL ribbons exclusively. In fact, at one time we were the largest purchases of RAAL ribbons in the world. Now, they are pretty much regarded as the best ribbon tweeters being made today.

The next issue to discuss also relates to higher SPL performance. There are a couple approaches to this. To reproduce bass, you need to move a lot of air. This means you either have to use large drivers with limited XMAX (maximum cone excursion) or long throw woofers that are smaller but have greater XMAX. High sensitivity woofers use the first approach and, thus, require cones with a large surface area. Thus the twin 12” woofers in the Tektons. The larger the woofer cone, the more it fires straight forward and the worse their off-axis response. While not very accurate, these drivers provide a lot of “slam”.

If you want to use more accurate drivers, there is one way you can increase the SPL’s without going to high sensitivity woofers. That is to cross them higher than they are capable of playing and using a subwoofer to augment the deep bass. By eliminating the deepest bass from the speakers, you reduce the amount of cone excursion required. Again, the deeper the speaker plays, the more air it must move.

What advantage is there to smaller woofers? Think of it this way. You can’t use a tweeter to play bass. The cone is too small to efficiently reproduce bass frequencies. At the same time, a woofer would be too large to efficiently reproduce high treble. If you look at it that way, you can see that the size of the cone determines how efficiently it performs at various frequencies. While large woofers can play deeper bass, they are not as efficient at mid-bass as a smaller woofer. So while they play deeper, the mid-bass may suffer. Male vocals and instruments like a tenor sax can sound a bit thin and lack body. A smaller woofer is more efficient at these frequencies and the result is more balance mid-bass performance. But, of course, they will not play as deep. That is where subwoofers can pick up the slack.

In taking your budget into consideration, I would recommend looking at the Song3-A (our best-selling design at this point in time). Our Song3 Encore can play deeper with its 10 ½” woofer (25Hz). But to me, the 7 ½” woofer in the Song3-A’s results in better balance, top to bottom and features mid-bass that is about perfect. And it still plays down to 33Hz. If you cross at around 50Hz, power handling will increase as you relieve it of duty in the 33HZ – 50Hz range.

The bottom line is that if you truly need 110db, you are pretty much stuck with a high sensitivity design that is inaccurate and most likely somewhat fatiguing (not very good for music). If you want a speaker that excels in terms of music and want to play it louder, you will have to cross a bit higher than the speaker is capable of in order to reduce the level of cone excursion required to produce deeper bass. (Keep in mind that the lowest frequencies with traditional musical instruments is about 29Hz.)

Well, those are some thoughts off the top of my head. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful.

I hope this answers your questions. If not, or if you have more, feel free to email again. I’d be happy to answer.


- Jim

Smodtactical, I have the same question. I actually asked Eric if he could send me berilium tweeters for me to install to try but he said it would require some work (cutting the box and xover tweaks) which I don’t have the know all to do. I would love to hear if anyone has Tektons w/ berilium. In a perfect world I’d love to compare side to side. I did notice listening to Pink Floyd Money through my B&Ws and Focal Sopras at a dealer that the clanking change sample in the beginning was more sparkly and bright on both those than on the Tektons. I know the Sopras have berilium tweeters.  That being said I have grown to really like the lack of fatigue I get with the Moab’s. And again, I want to reiterate that they are not dull in anyway. There is a YouTube video where Thomas from “Thomas & Stereo” talks about his experience listening to his friends DI’s. His description is very inline with what I hear on my Moab’s.  He talks about how when listening to vocals on the Tektons you don’t hear the lips smacking and saliva you can hear on other HiFi speakers. I agree with him that the Tektons sound more natural, like the singer is in the room, where as other HiFi speakers I’ve heard sound more like there is a microscope on syllables and cymbals. To my ears my Moab’s have a similar high register warmth as Dynaudio towers I’ve heard. And the Dynaudio dealer says the same thing I’m saying about my Moab’s that you don’t get fatigued and can listen for hours.  Another speaker I’ve heard with Berilium is the Paradigm Persona B. This speaker really drew me in at the dealer. I was pulled in by that brighter top end but after listening for literally 5 min, I started to get a headache and my ears were tired. I just never get that with the Moab’s. Thomas prefers to hear that more top end... I’m still not sure which I prefer. On another note about the Moab’s, I just want to say how amazing the lower mids are. Of course with 2 12” woofers per cabinet the super lows are just amazing but the lower midrange really pulls me in on these. There just seems to be no dips or peaks anywhere with these speakers. Everything just sounds great. And I agree with other Tekton owners that any change in your gear is very noticeable on the Moab’s. Anyone out there with Tektons with berilium tweeters please chime in. 
As others have pointed out, playing at 112dB levels in a closed echoic space using non-concert class speakers is a recipe for ear damage and cascades of distortion from not only the room and transducers, but from within the ear itself.
@jgreen19 thanks for your insights! Have you heard focal Sopra or Utopia, Salon 2 or Magico stuff?

What you said actually reminds me of the difference between my signature s8v2 and my aria 948. The S8V2 is brighter and more detailed with its Be tweeter but the Aria is more relaxed with its alum-mag tweeter. In the case of this comparison though I probably prefer the S8V2 more but that may be because its just a better speaker (bigger sound stage, better dynamics, more detail).

You are tempting me though to pull the trigger on the MOAB, Encore or Ulfberhts. Argh.
Smodtastical, The focals I heard were Sopras (2s or 3s.. can’t remember) through a top of the line Simaudio Moon system. The magicos I’m not sure of but they were around $50k and we’re running through a Audio Research system that was insanely expensive.  The Dynaudio’s were the Contour 30’s driven by a Linn integrated. I’ve also heard B&W 802 D3 through a very expensive McIntosh system. The closest comparison money wise was the Dynaudio setup, which was at the same dealer as the Magico’s but in another room. Strangely enough, I preferred the Dynaudio setup to the Magico’s but a lot of that had to do with the room and proximity. They say up to 60% of what you hear is your room and that example can attest to that. Of all of those systems, I think I liked the Focal/Moon setup the best. BUT that set up was more than twice the price of my setup and I only liked it marginally more. The law of diminishing returns is very real. The Moab’s driven by the PrimaLuna is a KILLER setup. As far as getting the Moab’s or the Encores or the Ulfberthts I would talk to Eric. He told me the Ulfberhts are only marginally better than the Moab’s. We didn’t discuss the Encores. Ask him what the Moab’s with berilium would cost? My guess is quite a bit more. To me, it all came down to first identifying what I wanted, and then finding the peak of the law of diminishing returns. I have a large very well acoustically treated room (17W x 25L x 9H) and wanted full range towers that didn’t need subs. I would be very hard pressed to find a setup that does what I was looking for in my room anywhere near the price of what I spent (around $15K). Which, btw is a LOT of money.  I feel like this hobby takes you on a crazy journey. I originally just wanted to fall in love with listening to music again and had a budget of around $7-8K. I ended up spending double that and through my journey my mind has warped to where I started to think $15K wasn’t that much. At some point you forget what your original goal was.... that being said, do I think getting the Moab’s and pushing them with my current setup sounds twice as good as if I had stayed with my original budget of half that price? HELL YES!!!!! And if I doubled my current budget to $30k would I be able to find a system twice as good as the one I have now? HELL NO!!!!! It all comes down to what you want and the Moab’s have really delivered on what I wanted. 
@jayctoy  there are certainly some wonderful ss amps out there.I tend to get overly excited when someone comes over to *the dark side* for the first time;)The only best choice is whatever makes the individual happy. 
MOAB = Mother Of All Bombs

This refers to both U.S. and Russian fuel air bombs that have a massive conventional radius. The U.S. version is around 20,000 lbs. You can go to Youtube and see one dropped in Afghanistan on a Taliban mountain bunker. It gets the job done!
Dude, we know. I noted it on the original post. It’s actually Moab, a city and rock formation in Utah.
Interesting insight into encore vs ulfberhts by Eric.

"In subtle terms, the Ulfberht personality is very real, lifelike, energetic, punchy, and dynamic sounding. The Encore personality is deep, full, rich, silky smooth and warm sounding.
The Beryllium sound in either model is intoxicating - that is the only word I can describe the way they sound to me - I could listen to music for hours and hours...
I hope this helps you decide which model is best for you."
I must disagree with Mr Salk. I suppose we need to define “high efficiency”. At least 95db or perhaps 98db? I have heard some wonderfully rich, full bodied and naturally toned high efficiency speakers that are not even close to being bright or fatiguing. Here are just a few....

-Coincident speakers
- Audio Note speakers
- Classic Audio
- Living Voice
- Tonian
- Devore
- Silverline

I would even throw in several Tekton models.

Yes, I have wanted and asked churches and other live music events to turn it down! Live music is sometimes so loud that is causes permanent hearing damage. Permanent! 100 dB and over is just too loud for 90-120 minutes of music wether live or at home. This is factual, not an opinion.
What Mr.Salk told it is a total b&%$t.
Low sensitive drivers produce a lot of heat as result they have thermo distortions and bad linearity.
When I started my audiophile hobby I was brainwashed by audio dealers who told me a similar fairy tale about "horrible inaccurate hi-efficient speakers".
But when I heard, at first, a good hi-efficient speakers system I was bowed away.
Since that time, "main stream" Hi-End was die for me.
When I go to audio shows and dealerships and hear the sound of all these: Dynaudio, Focal, Wilson, B&W I really can’t understand how people can take this stuff so serious and ready to pay for it that amount of money. This sound doesn’t have any connection to live acoustic music. They sound like a virtual reality, a nightmare invented by a woozy Hi-End industry.
MOAB not doubt. I've been called a bunch of things in my life but never an empty head. roxy54 surely you can come up with something more creative than that. 
It does not take a genius to know that a Ford mini van is not going to handle as well as a Porsche 911. And, you can tell that just by looking at them!  On the other hand you can not carry all that much in a 911. All those cheap drivers will go loud and if loud is all you want you are in business. You will never make a speaker like that image correctly because all the information above 10 K is hopelessly confused. To many individual drivers at work out of phase with your head. Square enclosures are the easiest and cheapest to build. You can get equal power handling and much better imaging with fewer much more expensive drivers. How many great speakers use one tweeter? Wilson, Sonus Faber, KEF, Magico and many more. I wonder why.
Tekton's marketing is insulting. Patents pending??? My back side. This technology is a century old and if there was some kind of breakthrough don't you think they would describe it in some kind of detail? Do you see anything unusual?. Tweeters, woofers a box in TNTC profiles. What are they using a nuclear powered cross over?  
roxy54, I'm sorry if you bought these things. Unfortunately they will be pretty worthless on the used market. Chock it up as one of life's lessons. 
I do not have to listen to these speakers and neither do a lot of other people who have experience with speaker design and construction. The difference is that most of them are too polite to tell people like you the truth and get blasted, but for me it is fun and I might be able to get a few people to look more closely and ask the right questions so they do not get taken. Political correctness sucks.
Nope, these are special speakers. In fact I believe they are greater than the sum of their parts. Eric is doing something mind-boggling with performance to price ratio. You gotta hear these before you make judgement.
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You don't read well either. I told you that I don't own them, and I'm not buying them, although I would if I was able to. You are still embarrassing yourself with your uninformed pronouncements about speakers you haven't heard based on the way they look and the drivers they use. I'll stick with my original assessment; you are an empty head.

@teajay & @nitrobob Given that the DIs and Moabs share a similar mid-range array, I think the DI review is perfectly relevant. Especially given that the Moab is a new model. Plenty of comments from others in here are based on their experiences with non-mab Tekton models.

And @charles1dad Good to see you posting. Haven't seen you around much recently...

The review pair of Moab speakers have arrived and have been setup in the big system for break-in and reviewing.

First aspect that became obvious to my eye's was that the paint job was maybe the most beautiful that Eric has done on the four different models I have had in for review.

Before anyone asks me are they at the same level of performance as the Ulf's, the answer is on cursory listening they play in the same league.  Remember, the larger Ulf's are a four way design the Moab is a three way design, but both use the same M-T-M arrays.  So far, they do everything superlatively- micro-details, total transparency,  fantastic sound-staging in both size and placement, pressurizing the room with deep taut bass, and a great airy high-end.  And they are not broken in yet!

Again, when you take into account the price vs performance ratio Eric has created another "monster" speaker.   

mijostyn . . . I’ll stick with my original assessment; you are an empty head.

Well, there may be a few loose screws rattling around inside.  Yet, there does appear to be a significant echo from a previous diatribe. Wide empty spaces with hard boundaries do pronounce that effect.

It would be interesting, as I stated earlier, if the MOEB is superior to the DI SE, and this is why Eric lowered the selling price of the DI SE. I am sure they sound different, as the Ulfs and the Encores are reported to be. Anyone in Central Florida willing to let me visit, and audition a pair of DIs, or above ? Only need 1/2 hour to play a couple of my own selected tunes on cd.