Tekton Design Lore - Cronus Magnum II

Hi all.My Chinese tube integrate bit the dust before Christmas. I bought a mid-weight Marantz transistor integrate and was not happy with it. Didn't have any "soul." So I'm contemplating the purchase of a new Cronus Magnum II integrate but I have a concern I hope the forum can help with.
The Cronus is rated at 100 watts into 8 ohms (Tube watts). The Tekton Design Lores are rated at 98dB [email protected] and are 8 ohm speakers. I'm sure the Lores can handle the power but I'm concerned that being as sensitive as the Lores are that I'm gonna get a loud hum through the speakers.
Does anyone have any experience with these 2 components together or with Lores & high wattage tube amps? I appreciate any replies.And before anyone suggests the new Cronus Magnum III, I am aware of it and that it runs Triode as well as UL. Right not I not gonna go that route. Thanks.
I had a Cronus Magnum with 94 DB speakers and NEVER had any hum.
invictus005, what's your problem?
I don't know why you would hear hum unless you had a ground fault or a bad component.
  You might hear noise or possibly low-level hum if you have dirty AC feeding your system. This noise would only be audible when close to the speakers with no music playing. This is why dedicated AC lines are recommended.

Thanks for the response lowrider. I'm aware of ground loops, using cheater plugs, etc. Are you suggesting a dedicated AC line specifically for your stereo system? My last tube amp of course there was  a slight hum heard close to the speakers. So then perhaps I have it totally wrong insofar as thinking more watts might produce more hum while amp is idle.
1) The CMII is an excellent amp with lots of soul, especially if you start experimenting with different small signal tubes it can become extremely "soulful".  
2) In many Tekton test reports they are much less sensitive than their spec.  e.g. ~ 93db 
3)  "At idle" still depends on your volume setting.  More sensitive speakers will require a lower volume than less sensitive speakers for a given loudness.  The amount of hum, if any, will be equal because of relative volume settings between more or less sensitive speakers.

In other words- go for it.  The CM II delivers and sounds better than most solid state amps regardless of price.  
Thanks "Avanti!" Good info.
I agree with @avanti1960 100%. Plus, it's not the amount of watts you need to be concerned with, it's the gain of the preamp/amp. This determines the volume setting on your integrated in combination with the sensitivity of the speakers. I dont believe Rogue components have a high gain, so you should be fine with this choice of amp and speakers.

@wcc10 , yes I am recommending a dedicated AC line specifically for your stereo system. The low-level hum you heard previously may have actually been from your AC line and not the amp.
  Look in the Audiogon archives using the key words "dedicated line" to learn more about it. This AC line is run from your service panel (circuit box) directly to a dedicated wall receptacle for your system. The idea is to isolate the  HiFi from the other electrical devices and appliances in your house/apt. Electrical appliances such as refrigerator, washer, dryer, furnace, light dimmers all add noise back down the mains to your circuit panel. And your stereo system is wired into all these devices.

Thanks. Great info.A dedicated line makes perfect sense albeit an expense the other 1/2 might slightly object to. (she's not quite as enthused about my hobby as I) Not a big deal to do this myself but I can hear it now about burning down the house! Right now I'm tossing around in my head maybe going with a PrimaLuna Dialogue although I have a lead on a new CMII at a good price.Either way I've got to make a move soon. Thanks.
A dedicated line is such a major improvement to the sound. Be sure to use an upgraded duplex receptacle and have it grounded at the service panel. Not self-grounded at the receptacle.

I'm not sure, but I think you need a licensed electrician to wire the panel to meet code, unless you are qualified. You can certainly run the Romex from receptacle thru wall and under floor along joists and leave it for the electrician to wire. If you read the various threads, you'll see the placement of the breaker is critical with respect to all the other electrics being used in your house.

You can certainly run the Romex from receptacle thru wall and under floor along joists and leave it for the electrician to wire.
Yea that was my thought. It’s been a long time since I did anything like that.

If you look up the sensitivity for each of the Lore transducers.....

the eminence website shows the sensitivity for the legend b102 as 92.4db., 8 ohms, one watt.   Looking up the audax gold two25a28 gold tweeter gets you 94 db.

I suspect that the actual sensitivity of one Lore speaker might be closer to 93/94db which is  consistent with what others have said about the Lore and with my own experience as a Lore owner.

So, if you assume 93 db per speaker...and then 96 db for a pair...then roughly speaking, this puts the volume for 1 watt at 84 db at a listening position 4 meters back. So, I guess if you are happy with 90db peaks, you only need 4 watts....100 watts will get you safely over 100db peaks...way too loud for me.

In my case, trying multiple solid state amps and preamps...and one tube preamp...I've only ever heard the slightest hum if I put my ear right up to the speaker.

good luck
Thanks snapsc.Yes. 100db would be way too loud for me as well. I'm not interested in rattling the windows.I am intrigued by low wattage amps, 300 B, etc. I do not know or have I seen any comments from anyone who has driven these exact speakers with such an amp. I'm sure they would work but how well and would the listener ever regret not having a little more "umph" in his amp?