Tekton Design Electron SE

Dear Audiogoners: I recently purchased one of the first of Eric Alexander’s Tekton Design Electron SE speakers. Here is a letter of appreciation I wrote him. Here’s hoping it will start a conversation regarding this speaker system. Questions or reactions are welcome as always:

Dear Eric:

Two years ago I wrote:

You’ve developed a family of speaker systems which fundamentally differ from the technology of all others that preceded them.

As I sit in my sweet spot enjoying the Tekton-Design Brilliance speakers I’m enjoying a clarity and balance that I’ve never heard before. All of your innovations in the Brilliance work together to present music as close to the live performance as is possible in 2016 and possibly for years to come, from Alexander to Alexander, (Alexander Graham Bell to Eric Jay Alexander) there’s no one like Alexander! I have drawn closer to the holy grail of musical recreation. I’ll leave it to others to describe the technical reasons for this wonderful sound. For myself, I can say that the clarity both in highs and in lows, the detailing, and the sound stage is better than anything I’ve ever heard.

Since then, my audiophilia has struck once more. It’s one disease that blesses the victim. Now I’ve put about 40 hours of break-in on my new Electron SE’s. I’ve noticed the following improvements:

· Wider polar response

· Greater sensitivity to the nuances in every recording

· More natural bass and highs, especially in more complex music

· Less coloration and greater purity in high as well as low volume music

· Greater dynamic range through my 10-15 watt amplifier

FYI I play through a First Watt F-3, a VPI Classic 2, a Sound-Smith Voice Cartridge mated to a Sound-Smith preamp and an Oppo Universal Player. All of these feed to a passive line stage coupled to an active pre-amp by Placette. I listen to classical music constantly. My speakers are placed about twelve feet apart and I listen at the apex of an equilateral triangle with slight toe in.

From a single flute to grand opera, it all sounds like perfection. Thank you, Eric from the bottom of my heart.


Since the tekton website tells us nothing about the electron se, what can you share with us about the drivers, the specs, the size, the price.... etc.??
Dimensions are on the site but not much more.
  • Height 48" x Width 10.125" x Depth 13.75"
All I know is the following: Eric says he's using different, better  parts than the standard Electron.
I've traded my Brilliance + some cash.  The final retail price is Eric's to tell. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Still loving my Electrons.  The detail and imaging i get from them is fantastic.  They surprise me at how good they sound even 8 months later after purchase.  I am running a VPI Prime turntable with them with a hana slmc cart.  They sound so good with this rig.