Tekton Design Brilliance

Hello everyone:

Is there anyone here who is interested in starting a separate thread discussing the Tekton Design Brilliance?  I've had my pair for nine months.

They work so well with a First Watt F-3, a VPI Classic 2, a SoundSmith Voice Cartridge mated to a Sound-Smith preamp and an Oppo Universal Player. All of these feed to a passsive preamp by Placette.. I'd be interested in discussing all the options you   have reviewed or own with the Brilliance speakers.
@mazikrav : Thanks for starting a specific thread for the Tekton Design Brilliance floor standing speaker.

Adding the specs from the Tekton Design site for those that may not have first hand knowledge of this model.

Starting price [as of this time] is listed at $3,000.

Details & Specifications:

  • US Patent 9247339
  • Proprietary 4-way loudspeaker design
  • Proprietary high performance 8" papyrus fiber Seas transducer
  • Proprietary triple dome radiator high frequency array
  • 4.5" mid-bass transducer
  • 94.02dB 2.83V@1m sensitivity
  • 4 Ohm design for optimum performance
  • Frequency Response 30Hz-30kHz
  • 200 Watts power handling
  • Height 47"(119.38mm) x Width 10"(25.4cm) x Depth 13"(330.02)
  • Weight 62 lbs
  • Manufactured in the USA
I do not have first hand experience with the Brilliance  ( I have the Double Impacts )

Can you give a more detailed 'review' of them based on your room/system/ etc. Thanks.
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I hope this will answer David's questions:

As in the reviews of the Double Impact, the finest feature of the Brilliance speaker system is utter clarity. Instruments and vocals are utterly natural. Detailing is amazing.  The Brilliance's  lighter weight allows a fine adjustment of speaker placement and toe in. I believe it's important NOT to aim the speakers directly at your listening point. The sweet spot is reached by aiming them slightly behind you.  This seems to open up the sound stage and avoid a certain shrillness. I'm about nine feet away from the speakers.

 I use mine with the First Watt J-3 amp and Guy Hammel's linestage buffer and passive volume control (Placette Audio).  My sources are an Oppo universal cd player and the VPI Classic turntable with the Soundsmith Voice and the M-3 phono stage

I wonder what improvement would be gained by an amp with more power.  At times I flirt with Pass's XA-25 or something similar. I would appreciate hearing from any other Brilliance users or investigators
Thanks for sharing your impressions of the Brilliance. That model piqued my interest more than some of the others.

I'm looking to get a First Watt F6 or similar with to pair with Double Impacts. Going off past experience with amp swapping it might be the perfect match for DI's. 
@james_w514  James, in case it is helpful, reach out to @kdude66 

Kenny has a lot of experience with Nelson's First Watt products.

I looked into going with an F6/7, J2 or a SIT-1/-2  ... but ultimately decided on the XA 30.8

First Watt is an excellent pairing with the DIs. Kenny is running them with his modified SIT2. 
Hey just throwing out I'm an owner of Brilliance. Not much to say then excellent. Powering off Emotiva XPA 7 gen 2 HT amp. Placement of the speaker was most important. I went ahead changed location in basement and noticed difference.
Hi, Bonddam:

Thanks for posting about your Brilliance, As I've said, placement is important for these speakers. What kind of music are you enjoying and how have you placed your speakers?  What is the nature of your room?

Your kids are so cute. Do they get near the speakers and is there a danger of an exploring finger poking at the woofer?