tekton design 6.5t

was looking for a good small monitor to match up with my april music aura note in the $5-700 range. almost got ascend acoustics sierra-1, considered monitor audio rx silver series and settled on ordering tekton design 6.5t. eric is well-respected for his open-baffle designs, but i didn't want to go that direction. there is virtually nothing out there info-wise on the 6.5t's. i bought them based on testimonials from users of his OB designs. i'm not expecting aci sapphire or harbeth type performance out of these monitors, but i would like to know if anyone has heard them and what his (her) impressions were?
Tekton makes some good speakers. You should also take a look at Omega speakers.
Tekton makes excellent speakers that not only sound great, but are very well built and offer incredible value. I actually don't know how they offer so much for such low prices.
Tektons answer to the Zu Omen looks fantastic......great intro price too $850ish
I got a pair of Tekton Katz Meow (previous model to what you'll see on the website) about a month ago and like them a lot. I was especially surprised at the bass output. Eric does excellent work and seems to be a good guy.
The 6.5t is a completely different design so I can't comment on them though.
I have a pair of the 6.5t in makore finish and they look and sound great. I would compare them between Linn Tukans / Katans and Totem monitors. I have NAD preamp with Audio Refinement multichannel amp are driving them in a biamp config with Linn K400 wire.