Tekton custom grills

There are some active discussions concerning the delivery of speakers and specifically speaker grills for the incredible Tekton Speakers. But nothing on this forum. I'm now nine months waiting on grill delivery. Anyone else??
I got mine in December and the paint is flaking where the grills touch the cabinets. 
I had considered Tektons for my SE amp...liked the efficiency but had no place to hear them, and "buy and return" doesn't do it for me. Bought a pair of new "open box" Capitol Edition (75th anniversary of Capitol Records...meh...) Klipsch Heresy IIIs for 1000 bucks off list, and the grills were sort of saggy (look at the pic on the Klipsch site and those are saggy also), so I bought a pair of stock Heresy black grills that look great (and it was easy to move the  "special" badge to the new grills). I mentioned all this to Klipsch and they said..."sorry"...and offered to send me new grills for free. Now THAT'S the way you do it, and Tekton should address this grill thing as, hey...it's competitive out there.
"Any company can make a good pair of loudspeakers but it takes consistency to make them great." Really!

No company is perfect. I can assure you that I have purchased several products from reputable companies that end up being defective.

It’s the nature of production. As a person who has done production for years, failure just happens. It’s how often that is important.

I don’t know you mr_m. But have you ever run a business? Ever done production? It’s not easy. Out of thousands and thousands of speakers sold how many really did not meet the customer’s expectations. I’m guessing not too many or we would hear hundreds and hundreds of issues. From what I can tell most customers seem happy.

Have you heard any of Tekton’s speakers in a controlled environment? Just curious? Not saying that Tekton’s speakers are for everyone, but listening
and then offering an opinion it’s more credible. But in the end, it is still an opinion.

As far as the grille situation. That could be improved.


Did you read any of my posts closely? Not once have I dissed the sound of Tekton. And no, I have not heard a pair. I mainly commented on construction technique and quality control. I have been to a quality speaker manufacturer called Legacy Loudspeakers. I'm sure you have heard of them. Their quality is beyond reproach. Each and every speaker is checked over and over for quality. Grills are custom made for each pair individually because the slightest offset will make an ill fitting pair of grills or ones that won't  stay on the speaker at all.  Bill Dudleston, the chief designer of Legacy listens to every pair of loudspeakers that go out his door and he makes damn sure that each speaker matches the final prototype. Do they have quality issues at times? Of course they do, but they will rectify the problem ASAP. Customer service is paramount to them. I know this because I know Bill Dudleston personally.

Finally, sir, I have never run a business but I have done production. I ran a 25 Million dollar piece of machinery that would produce a raw product worth $10,000 each every two hours. I had to simultaneously run three computers to monitor specifications so as nothing was out of spec. My job and livelihood depended on it. There wasn't a day that I worked for 30 years that I could have been fired for even one out of spec product if I had gotten careless or indifferent. This is very important when one of your customers is Boeing, if you get my drift.....
Dont bother debating the Tekton boys,its all a fake news,no collusion,witch hunt mentallity.