Tekton center channel & fronts

Hello, i've got the bug again and have been eying a pair of Tekton's for a long time but have never listened to them, only have read many reviews and forum discussions.  Anyways, was wondering if anyone here uses a Tekton center channel and which one.  
My room is small-medium, 13.5'W x 14'L x 8'9"H, plus a floor to ceiling bay window on one side of the room.  The MLP is between 8-9' away and current speakers are approx. 6' apart.  I'm currently using B&W 684 S2 fronts and a HTM61 center channel (all going for sale soon).  
For my space i'm considering the Tekton Mid Tower range - Mini Lore, Lore S, Lore Reference, mainly because the space is a little tight walking into the room and 12" wide speakers like the Lore / Lore 2.0 might be just a bit to large.  
I see that Eric makes a 'mini lore theater' but does he also make a matching Reference or Lore S center channel?
I'm curious how the Tekton center channels perform.

Thanks for any input/opinions