Tekton 4-10 Subwoofer

Looks like there is a new Sub from Tekton. It looks cool! Eric Alexander, if you are out there, would love to know more about this new product.

FWIW, I went from a single sub (REL) & am very happy with my pair of 4-10's. Big improvement in bass (as expected) but also soundstage. I've never tried 4 2-10's though... So there is that. 
OP here....
Ended up selling that entire setup... both 4-10 sub towers, pair of HSU VTF-15H, Tekton Double Impact towers, etc. 

Now going to setup a Belles Aria integrated, pair of newly acquired Tekton Impact monitors (upgraded version) with some heavy Target MR60 stands, then a stack of subs on each side.... likely SVS.  I like being able to adjust the bass on-the-fly as a lot of music was recorded differently and sometimes needs more output (or less).  Maybe stack (3) SVS SB-3000 per channel.

I have owned/used AT LEAST 15 REL subs over tha last 20 years (Strata, Storm, Stadium, R-528, Q108, Q-150, B3, G1, etc. - great subs, but way overpriced now.  I had a buddy that paid nearly $2,600 for a new REL R-528... the amp plate was toast after only 5 years.... had to remove it, send to REL, paid almost $400 for repair.  I had a Storm III that was still working fine that was over 22 years old.  Those days are gone I'm afraid.

All my old "ST" series RELs latest like 15-20 years (or more), made in England.  Now they are all made in China and shipped over... even the reference No. 25 ($7,500 retail) - no thanks.