tekna sonic vibe absorbers

how effective is this equipment? does it work as claimed?
I owned a set. My experience was that they offered nothing whatsoever constructive to my (formerly owned) Speaker Art Clefs. Mike
I have a pair that I tried with my B&W sprks and couldnt tell any diff. but B&Ws are rock solid, I think it may depend on the speaker that you use them with. Some speakers it may help. Just my opinion. Don Burner
Really depends on the speakers. I used to have the first generation of Apogee Centuars with Stage ribbon and 8 inch enclosed woofer. Used two on each enclosure and it made a huge difference in reducing the obvious problems with the non-ribbon part of the speakers. Now, this is because the enclosures left a lot to be desired in terms of design and probably construction as well (Apogee later did better with the Slant6/8 series. I would imagine that the effects are highly speaker dependent, but it solved my problem. As I recall, reviews at the time these came out said that effects were less noticeable with better speakers and more noticeable with those of lesser build quality. Have esl's now so boxes are a non-issue.
I have not tried them yet but plan to. One thought is that if you have an amplifier that does not do bass that well it may not matter. I was amazed when a friend brought his Proceed HPA2 to my house to try on the Newform R645s. The bass on Bella Flek cosmic Hippo was all that you could want. But with my amp was a completely diffent story.
My two cents - as said by Mistalava, it does depend on the speaker (& amp). I am using them to GREAT effect on my ReQuests, which don't have the cleanest bass to begin with. the Tekna Sonics made a BIG, IMMEDIATE improvement with these. And hey, for under $100.00, you really can't go wrong.
Has anyone tried the Marigo resonance dots on their speakers? I am using N.E.A.R. 50Me II speakers that have the Tekna Sonic devices already built in. Since these were built into the speaker I am not able to A/B the effects but they sound wonderful. The N.E.A.R. designers state the Tekna Sonic device was a meaningful part of their design. God bless.