Tekline PC12 or ESP Essence ppower cord?

Looking for a good PC to place on a Theta DB II. Of course would like to get one versitile enough to use w/ a sub or amp later if ned be or at least my DAC should I ever let go of my JPS Digital AC. Seems these ESP & Tekline cords can be had pretty cheap now on the used market. I found an ESP 3m for $190 & a Tekline PC-12 for $125 w/o Watt-A-Gate plug or $175 w/ the Gate. Also the Tekline PC-8 signature w/ gold plugs at both ends for $150 and Tekline Silver for $275. Silver is really a little out of my ballpark for the moment due to cost of transport and new digital cables. Any input on these PCs is greatly appreciated!
I don't have any experience with the ESP Essence, although I have considered giving one of those a try for my amplifier at some point. I do have a Tekline PC12 that I am currently using on my amplifier. It is a solid cord and fared very well in my comparisons with other cords; a great bargain by my estimation...one that I could personally recommend. I have not experimented with it on my digital equipment, but I actually have run across a reference or two specifically noting that they felt this was cord was excellent for digital components. Good luck.
I did some exausting listening tests with power cords on my Theta GenVa, about 2 years ago. The results: The Tekline PC 5-W (Wattagate version) blew the doors off of the other cords. I used the first 2 minutes of Holly Cole's "Get out of Town" from her live CD, over and over, and the diferences were not subtle. I now understand that there is a PC 5 mkII that is even better. Scott Richardson, from Tekline, is a great guy, and offers a 30 day trial period. His silver interconnect, which I am auditioning right now, is also worth looking into. In case you don't have his # it is: 310-835-2967 or teklineaudio@aol.com