Teflon caps in an Atma-Sphere S-30 Rev 3

Does anyone know how many Teflon caps are involved in the $300 upgrade to an Atma-Sphere S-30 Rev 3 amp? And what their values and voltage ratings are? I replaced stock caps with Teflon in my M60 II.2's, two per chassis, as I recall, and it was easy. I'm looking for an S-30 Rev 3, whether I'm lucky enough to find one used or have to go to a dealer, that extra $300 would be pain I'd like to avoid.

I want an S-30 after trying my M60 II.2's with Oris 150 horns. The "background of silence" was by far the best ever, and the sound was glorious beyond all expectations.

Thanks fo fellow AudiogoNers for any info you can supply.

Tom Patton
Haven't seen you here in a long time, Tom. Welcome back!

I suggest you contact Ralph Karsten at AtmaSphere directly. My experience is that he'll not only give you all the information, but the background, and some pointers at the same time. Of course, the $300 consists of not only parts, but the labor charges. From what I have seen, if you are comfortable doing the work, Ralph is more than happy to allow you to save whatever money you can.

In my personal view, there is no one in audio as genuine, generous, and forthcoming as Ralph. He is one of the most wonderful people alive - not only in audio, but in life.
Tom, Ralph at Atma-sphere offer 2 options, as I recall...teflon caps, AND an upgraded power supply. Depending on the year of production, the S-30 may or may not have a regulated power supply. I ordered my M-60 Mk 2.2's with both the teflon caps and upgraded power supply [more caps], and later had it upgraded to a regulated powers supply. Big difference in fidelity!

And when you upgrade through Atma-sphere, you also get a brand new warrantee. Let Ralph do it the right way...he's one of the last remaining independents, and a hell of a knowlegeable and nice guy as well! And a track record of 20+ years doesn't hurt, either.