Teddy Pardo DAC

I haven't seen much discussion on the Teddy Pardo DAC and wondered if anyone has any reviews or comments.

In particular, I found the whitepaper available on this web site to be incredibly informative and interesting

[The section at the end about how to get the best sound from computer audio, from ripping to playback is the best primer on the topic that I've read anywhere]

Early reviews in 2009-10 suggested that it was amazing with a sound analogous (no pun intended) to vinyl . Then everything seems to have gone quiet.

Would love to hear thoughts from people who have reviewed or purchased this DAC.
I own one. Have it for about one month and love it.
Currently using a Music Hall CD25 as a transport and a Black Cat Veloce digital cable to conect the two.
Rest of system is Shindo Masseto and Cortese and a pair of Altec Valencia 846a speakers.
All of the detail you could wish for but with a snaturalness and a smoothness that is indeed very analog-like. I haven't found anything to really criticize from a sound or music standpoint.
Not sure if my unit is even fully burned in and I haven't bothered experimenting with supports or power cord upgrades since I have almost zero interest in such stuff.
For point of comparison, my analog front end is an Origin Live Resolution and Encounter tt and tonearm with a Zyx Airy 3X with silver base and an Auditorium 23 SUT. The dac is worthy competition indeed for the vinyl although it does not unseat it for top place.
All in all, a very impressive dac for the money IMHO. I bought it as an upgrade for an Underwood Hifi fully modified CD25.2, which itself was no slouch in the giant-killing department and I can assure you the approx. $1600 teddypardo betters it in all the aspects that are important to me, the most important of which is sounding natural and solid like good analog.
I have heard the Don Pardo DAC, but never the Teddy Pardo one.

Thanks, great write up. It sounds like we share a common aesthetic when it comes to systems and musical goals
(albeit I'm a few years behind you in acquiring some of those prized Shindo pieces), so this gives me a lot of confidence in the Pardo DAC.

Thanks very much for the information.


The only Don Pardo I know of is the announcer for Saturday Night Live. I'm not aware of a DAC by that name. Do you have any info? I'm relatively new to this world so forgive my ignorance.

I have heard this DAC and have nothing but good things to say about it. Very natural, and liquid sounding DAC, maybe even with a touch of warmth, but with excellent resolution.

The only disadvantage is the legacy USB input, limited to 16/48kHz, so you need to factor in a good USB/SPDIF converter, like the audiophileo for example.

Even with the Audiophileo though, still well worth the price IMO.

TeddyPardo DAC has just won a 8-DAC shootout in HiFi World. I can email you the scan if interested.
Elberoth2, thanks, please send if it's not too much trouble, I'd love to read it.

To close the loop, I purchased the TeddyDac and it's nothing short of exceptional. I'm using it with Leben CS300XS integrated amp and Devore Super8 speakers. Source is an Apple MacBook running BitPerfect software connected to the DAC via a Van Den Hul Optocoupler MKII optical cable.

I much prefer the sound of the optical cable over USB in my setup (I have a decent Kimber USB cable that I tested with), plus I get 24/192 using optical from my MacBook -- though 99% of my music is 16/48 anyway.

Compared to my previous setup (Peachtree Nova with integrated DAC, which was very decent), the music is so much more engaging and relaxed. Granted, I changed my integrated amp and DAC at the same time, so don't really know how to parcel out the accolades, but I really forget that I'm listing to digital with the new setup. This is a different league entirely.

John - glad you like it ! Sorry I haven't noticed your post earlier.