Teddy Pardo

I've always been a strong advocate of proper power regulation contributing substantially to performance.  The Teddy Pardo external power supply paired with my Naim UnitiServe is remarkable.  I expected improvements, it surpassed all of that.  The more authoritative bass, separation of instruments, widening of imaging and quickening of attack culminates in an overall transformation of my system.

I loaned it to a high-end shop for a couple of weeks and they concurred and ordered one themselves.

The UnitiServe stock is very decent, it just needed a little help.  I hope this is informative to others.  I've no connection with the company.  I did read lots of discussion regarding Teddy Pardo PSUs before ordering the unit.

System:  Naim UnitiServe, Naim DAC V1, Nordost Silver Shadow digital cable, Manley Jumbo Shrimp preamp, Mahi Mahi monoblocks, Decware ICs and speaker cables.  Quadraspire Sunoko Vent stand, Analysis Plus Power Oval 2 PCs, Sound Organization stands, Merlin Black Magic monitors.

As an ex-Naim owner, I can tell you that the upgraded power supplies are huge upgrades over the built-in supplies.  Far beyond what one would think prior to experiencing them first hand.