Teckton OB Sigma speaker

Has anyone heard this speaker. Eric has them on sale for $1800.
I am also curious to know. Given the Spatial Audio M3/M4 and Pure Audio Trio 15 has been getting a lot of attention lately, I wonder how Teckton OB Sigma compares to these other OB design.
I have the Spatial M1 Turbo great speaker but was also curious since I'm in the market for a second pair of speakers to keep me entertained. Its a long winter here in Buffalo NY.
I reviewed this speaker for hometheaterreview.com and gave it five stars.  Look at my review for details on its great sonic performance.  At the price Eric is selling them it's a terrific bargain.
Great review Terry! I am still hoping to get some impression from people who has heard Spatial M3/M4 and/or Pure Audio Design Trio15 and how they compare to Teckton OB Sigma. 
Hi Charlie, this is Dennis Fritz from the late WNY Audio Society. Came across your posts regarding Spatial Audio speakers. Do you still use these? If so would it be possible for me to stop down to hear them? Considering possible speaker change and these have my interest. Please let me know.
Hello @denman
I have an interest in your WNY Audio Society, as one of two members of an Erie, PA audio enthusiasts.  We too (two) are interested in hearing new equipment and demoing our systems. I an especially interested in hearing the Spatial M4.

Maybe some WPA folk can meet with WNY?
cjaronica I am waiting for a pair of OB Sigmas to be delivered by Tekton. Once done I will provide my feedback on the speakers. I recently sold a pair of Scansonic MB 2.5's reluctantly. Those speakers once I set them up properly was fantastic. So they along with a single driver model I use will be compared against the Tektons. 
stoney40, please do post your impressions. I've been curious about those speakers for a long time and don't seem to hear much about them. Thanks in advance
Will do Kalali. Tekton appears to be stacked up with orders. So I expect another few weeks before delivery. These will will carry the upgrade package, as well. Meaning better internal wiring and caps I presume. 
Here are my impressions of the Tekton OB Sigma speakers. They were delivered on December 23rd and it took Tekton 8 weeks to build. Currently, the speakers have approximately 60 hours on them.

Before I get going, here is a list of my ancillaries:


Antipodes DX Music Server

Bakoon DAC 21

Bakoon AMP 12R

Audio Vault Equipment Rack

Klee Audio Grand Illusion Speaker Cables

Curious Cable USB

Balanced Power Technologies Isolator

Combak Harmonix X-DC Studio Master Power Cords

Mapleshade Cable Lifts

Combak Harmonix TU202 ZX Footers (supports the speakers)

Les Davis Audio 3D2 Resonance Control Discs

Previous speakers

Scansonic MB-2.5

Acoustic Technologies Classic Speakers


A little background, the Tektons replace the Scansonic MB-2.5’s. In my opinion, the MB's play well above their sale price. With the supporting components, the music played through the MB-2.5’s was lively and visceral. They were detail champs, and tone/timbre seem just so right. The base provided a good foundation, but on some material within my rather small room became boomy. This is probably because the Bakoon amp is only 15 watts per side and did not have enough grunt to control the lower frequencies. I could tame it, as I possess DSP within the Roon software that controls playback. I will say that I had strong regrets when I sold the Scansonics. I find them to be stellar performers for the price.

Also, here a quick note regarding the Acoustic Technologies Classic Speakers. They are a single driver speaker with a specially designed cabinet that amplifies the base through its rear port. What is unique about them is their lack of a discernable sweet spot. My desk sits offset from the typical center position within the room and the soundstage and tonal balance remained squarely between the speakers. Their mid-range was excellent and my only issue was that the high frequencies and low base where rolled off a bit which at times omitting some details and nuance in some material. Other than that they performed at a high level and only were eclipsed by the Scansonics.

Now to the Tektons, as they are still being burned in, however, I think I can give a fair impression. Regarding their design and physical size, I am pleased with how they look in my room. I chose the matte black color with the upgrade option. I assume the upgrade is consistent with the other models where the speaker terminals, internal wiring, and caps are upgraded. I did find an adhesively backed felt that I have placed around the tweeters to give a little smoother treble balance. They sit on Harmonix TU202 ZX footers.

I will immediately cut to the chase. These speakers are not being returned anytime soon. As impressed as I have been with the Scansonics, the OB Sigma, in my opinion, is a musical instrument. The Bakoon products are noted for their ultra-high resolution and vanishing low noise floor. As such, the OB digs out more detail, under \ overtones, and nuance. In a small way, it has been a little bit disconcerting, because one (1) it does not sound like the Scansonic, but two (2) when I listen really closely, on much of the material it sounds like live music. The highs are extended and smooth and the base is well defined, textured, and tuneful. In addition, the coherence top to bottom is pretty remarkable. My sense is that while the music played through the OB’s is a touch on the warm side; I find no area to fault the OB. This is an impressive speaker and I would say an enormous value. Certainly consistent with the review I have read, and the description provided on the Tekton website.  

I am still playing around with positioning with pulling them out within the room and how much to angle them toward the listening position. But in their present location, I am well pleased with the music that the OB’s convey.

I will add this though, I recently auditioned the Wavetouch Antero bookshelf speakers. Their performance in my room was a revelation as they provided the highest resolution playback that I have heard period. The upper base on up I consider state of the art. Their only drawback was their lack of base weight, given their relatively compact size. And the need to augment with a subwoofer of similar quality and I am not in the mode of adding more electronics. Just mightily impressed and may opt to have two (2) sets of speakers to play with.

With that said, the OB's have a potential to be a game ender for me (until I decide to try something new, as I always get the itch). Also, the OB's got the wife's endorsement after she gave thumbs down to the Wavetouch because of the lack of base. I like that Tekton offers a 60 day trial period. It is tough buying speakers that you haven't heard, and this policy provides peace of mind. The eight (8) week delivery time was a tad annoying, and expectations can be tamed with better communications from Tekton to let customers know when to expect delivery. Other than that, no complaints and a happy new Tekton customer.

Happy New Year!

Great review and thanks for sharing. Please keep us posted as you put more hours on the OBs. 
Just ordered a pair of these this afternoon. Looking forward to hearing them. Currently running Lowthers (for about the last 15 years) and although I really like them I've had my eye on the sigma's for about 6 months now. I also went with the upgrade package. The thing I really like about the lowthers is it's ability to produce the human voice. Very real sounding. I'm hoping I won't be disappointed in that regard with these.
Very impressed with the OB Sigma's. I've got about 100 hours on them now. Very wide sound stage with amazing depth, detail & clarity. The only thing the Lowthers do better is pin point imaging. But that said, I've had 15 years with them & they were dialed in well. I'm not nearly done dialing these in yet, so they may get to that level at some point. Even if they don't, these do everything top to bottom, better. Very satisfied.