Teckton OB Sigma speaker

Has anyone heard this speaker. Eric has them on sale for $1800.
I am also curious to know. Given the Spatial Audio M3/M4 and Pure Audio Trio 15 has been getting a lot of attention lately, I wonder how Teckton OB Sigma compares to these other OB design.
I have the Spatial M1 Turbo great speaker but was also curious since I'm in the market for a second pair of speakers to keep me entertained. Its a long winter here in Buffalo NY.
I reviewed this speaker for hometheaterreview.com and gave it five stars.  Look at my review for details on its great sonic performance.  At the price Eric is selling them it's a terrific bargain.
Great review Terry! I am still hoping to get some impression from people who has heard Spatial M3/M4 and/or Pure Audio Design Trio15 and how they compare to Teckton OB Sigma. 
Hi Charlie, this is Dennis Fritz from the late WNY Audio Society. Came across your posts regarding Spatial Audio speakers. Do you still use these? If so would it be possible for me to stop down to hear them? Considering possible speaker change and these have my interest. Please let me know.
Hello @denman
I have an interest in your WNY Audio Society, as one of two members of an Erie, PA audio enthusiasts.  We too (two) are interested in hearing new equipment and demoing our systems. I an especially interested in hearing the Spatial M4.

Maybe some WPA folk can meet with WNY?
cjaronica I am waiting for a pair of OB Sigmas to be delivered by Tekton. Once done I will provide my feedback on the speakers. I recently sold a pair of Scansonic MB 2.5's reluctantly. Those speakers once I set them up properly was fantastic. So they along with a single driver model I use will be compared against the Tektons. 
stoney40, please do post your impressions. I've been curious about those speakers for a long time and don't seem to hear much about them. Thanks in advance
Will do Kalali. Tekton appears to be stacked up with orders. So I expect another few weeks before delivery. These will will carry the upgrade package, as well. Meaning better internal wiring and caps I presume.