Teckton OB Sigma speaker

Has anyone heard this speaker. Eric has them on sale for $1800.
I am also curious to know. Given the Spatial Audio M3/M4 and Pure Audio Trio 15 has been getting a lot of attention lately, I wonder how Teckton OB Sigma compares to these other OB design.
I have the Spatial M1 Turbo great speaker but was also curious since I'm in the market for a second pair of speakers to keep me entertained. Its a long winter here in Buffalo NY.
I reviewed this speaker for hometheaterreview.com and gave it five stars.  Look at my review for details on its great sonic performance.  At the price Eric is selling them it's a terrific bargain.
Great review Terry! I am still hoping to get some impression from people who has heard Spatial M3/M4 and/or Pure Audio Design Trio15 and how they compare to Teckton OB Sigma.