Technoarm for LP-12?

I'd like to replace the Basik LV-X arm on my LP-12 and am strongly considering the Technoarm. I would prefer to go new rather than used and am looking to stay under $1500. Are there any other choices to consider before pulling the trigger?
Sure. Look for a used Ittok. They can be had for well under a thousand and, when properly set up, is a much better arm than most gave it credit for.

I've heard many glowing recommendations for the Hadcock 228 Export.
Origin live Silver, great value.
I considered the OL Silver but think that I would prefer the Technoarm at this point.

The Hadcock I know nothing about, other than I have seen some LP-12's for sale with a Hadcock mounted. I've since looked into them - They seem to have a few different wiring options but I don't know which way I'd go. I guess that I would prefer a neutral sound.

Sometimes the more choices there are available, the more confusing it gets :)-
I'd also strongly consider a used Ittok. There was one availble here but it got snapped up rather quickly :(
I have the Basik LV-X on mine as well. It has the Valhalla power supply. When I took it in for a tune-up, I asked about a tonearm upgrade, but was told I should upgrade to the Origin Live DC motor for a greater improvement over a tonearm change.
Decided to purchase the Origin Live DC motor upgrade last night. I'll post results when I have the kit up and running. Jay at Audio Revelations worked with me to figure out which kit would best suit my system/needs. Went with the Advanced/DC100 motor/wall-wart. Will upgrade to the better transformer in the future, if so inclined. After this mod, the tonearm and cartridge would be next. Fun, or what!!??