Technics turntable SL D30 with P28 Technics cartridge...Upgrade?

Should I upgrade this cartridge...or any opinions about this cartridge?
Thank you
"Should" is hard to say without knowing a whole lot more. In general ballpark terms though you're asking if its worth spending $100 on a cartridge to go on a $100 turntable. And the answers are, Well if that's what you really want then sure why not? You will definitely notice an improvement! And, What are you crazy? Its a budget entry-level table! It would be a whole lot smarter to put that money to use elsewhere. Save it up until you can upgrade the whole table.

Both answers are equally good. So you can pick the answer you want, with confidence. Which most do anyway.

Me, having started with a rig much like yours, which means having lived financial circumstances much like yours, I didn't then and never would do the cartridge. I'd save it for a better turntable, or use it for something that will make a bigger difference and not be an expendable wear item like a cartridge. Like really good speaker cables. Honestly, knowing what I know now, I would buy a Blue Quantum Fuse before I'd buy a cartridge. More improvement, lasts longer. Keep it when you sell the component it was in.

But it hides away in a box, while the cartridge is out there gleaming pride and joy. Nobody will understand the fuse. At least maybe somebody will understand the cartridge.

Gosh these choices, they're almost metaphysical, eh?