Technics Turntable question

Hi Folks,
I have Technics SL-D202 turntable circa 1979 that I got from original owner. It currently has some model Empire cartridge which I suspect should be replaced due to heavy use. My question is since I know little about turntables. What model/brand cartridge could I replace this with and where can I purchase this. I don't want to spend more than $100. Thanks for your help!
I used an empire 2000 III in the 60's. It was OK, but I upgraded to a Shure V 15 and enjoyed much more of the sound. You might consider a Shure or a Grado at your price level. I think either of them would beat what you have and be very enjoyable.
Shure M97xe is a good budget choice (MM). <$100. Try
If you know little about turntables, I'm guessing you also know little about setting up a cartridge. A mediocre cartridge, installed propery, will sound better than a great cartridge installed badly. That argues for buying locally, from a hi-fi shop that can do the set-up for you, rather than online.
The M97xE and inexpensive Grados are excellent choices if you like a bit of a rich sound. If you crave something faster and leaner, I would recommend the Ortofon OM-10, priced at $60.00. The nice thing about the Ortofon is that it can be upgraded to the much better sounding OM-20 or OM-30 for only the price of the replacement stylus. If you crave faster and leaner yet (I do) the Audio Technica AT-440ML is an excellent choice. Unlike the other recommended cartridges, it has a line contact stylus and unlike all but the Shure, it is nude mounted. It is priced at the top of your range at $89.00 to $99.00, but has quite a different sound than any of the other recommendations. The Shure and Ortofons can be purchased at and the Grado and AT cartridges from Needle Doctor.
If you can up your maximum by $10, I would recommend the Denon 110. It is a HOMC and it is a very good budget cartridge with Technics tables. You can get them from William Thackery on eBlob. He is the cheapest I have found at $110.
Refer to Pabelson's post if you want your inexpensive set-up to sound better than it should. Even a very $$$ cart sounds bad if not properly installed.
Dear Wjcorbin: Here are two good cartridge choices:

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