Technics TT question...Psychicanimal?

Ok, Psychicanimal, if I were to purchase a Technics SL-BD22, what cartridge would you recommend below $100?

Crutchfield "recommends" the Audio-Technica AT301EP cartridge. Would the Shure M92E be a better choice? Others? Please don't let me limit your recommendations here, you seem to be the most experienced on this forum about Technics TTs, so give me your recommendations...please. :)


Groovemaster AE
I would ask Kevin Barrett of KAB Electroacoustics. See what he recommecnds you.

KAB Electroacoustics

Choice might be very dependent on what kind of music you listen to...
Grado makes a p-mount version of its lower-range cartridges. At the high end, Grado has both fans and detractors, but in the sub-$100 range, their offerings are tough to beat.
Bomarc, I recall I have a Grado Prestige Blue (also P-mountable). It is very decent sounding...
Thank you all for your valuable advice!

I will send an e-mail to Kevin...and thanks for the Grado and Groovemaster AE recommendations.