Technics SU-G700 and Acoustats ?

I just purchased the SU-G700 and am running it very successfully with Technics' SB-C700 monitors. I'd like to try it with my Acoustat Model 1's (not 1+1). As these are not full scale ESL's, operating only above 100-150Hz, I hope they won't stress the amp to the point of damage. Any thoughts appreciated.

             Good catch!

     A number of Class D amps have feedback loops and output filters; that will handle the earlier ESLs, with their high capacitance and low impedance @ high freq loads.

     Much depends on how those are configured and your hunger for SPL.

                                  Don’t know about your Technics.

     If nothing is mentioned in the manual: I’d try it, bringing up the levels very slowly, listening for anything that doesn’t sound like music before reaching my desired SPL.

                               iow: IF you do proceed: do it with caution!

Yes, but what about the reactive load of the Acoustat? Surely that makes a difference what with it being a class D amp.

It better not! The main danger you might run into would be the amp oscillating due to the capacitive load. I would expect Technics to have sorted that sort of thing out.