Technics SP10-Mk2 Rega RB300 Combine

Presently Rega P3 is in my system. A friend suggest me to consider mounting the RB300 arm onto the Technics SP10-MkII tabel which are salvaged from local broadcasting station by some dealer and reconditioned for re-sale. I could not find any documentation on this Technics model. Present and past user friends please advise me if this combination works better than the Rega P£
The Technics is a very good turntable since I'm using one myself. Currently I'm using the Koetsu tonearm and Koetsu Black Goldline with it. Since your turntable is an heavily used turntable from a broadcasting station, I suggest you should oil the motor as soon as possible in order to prevent wear. It is very easy to do, just remove the mat and then you will see three screws in the platter. Unscrew the three screws by using a small coin(penny), remove the platter then you will see there is a little hole near the spindle, just put 2 drops into the hole then you are in business!
I don't recall if the Technics SP10 is a belt-drive or direct-drive turntable. If it is a direct-drive, my personal suggestion is to avoid it (given its age and amount of use), and get a newer belt-drive unit. You can often find used Rega Planar tt's on Audiogon for very reasonable prices.
Sorry -- didn't read your post carefully enough. On second reading, I note that you already have a Rega P3. It's a fine table, and I doubt the Technics will beat it. If you simply want to upgrade your Rega, look at used VPI tables - such as the HW-19 Mk 4, or the Aries. Your Rega RB300 arm is a decent arm, but if you pair it with one of these VPI turntables, I suggest you have the arm modified. I currently own a VPI HW-19 table with the Rega RB900 arm, and I've been very satisfied with the combination. If I upgrade any further, it will be to buy the VPI Aries with the JMW-10 or JMW-12 arm.
I would send the turntable to a Technics service center. That turntable has a lot of hours. Maybe the transformer needs replacement. The Rega is an excellent tonearm. Just make sure you isolate the turntable with a good, creative home built need to spend $700 on a decorated platform. I just bought a Tecnics SL-1200MK2 a couple of weeks ago and am having it rewired and modified. They are excellent decks. Will last a lifetime...they are a record collector's dream.
The Technics is direct drive. It was Harry Pearson's reference table in the late 1970s and was made from then until the mid 80s in one form or another.
Thank you all for the input of information. Someone is offering to sell a used Technics SP10MkII table for $500. Is this a good and reasonable price. I notice that the plate that an arm will mounted to is to be mounted to the plinth by 4 nos. of felix screw is new but the thickness is somewhat much thinner than black top (is it granite, Edle?)
As I said before, take it to a TECHNICS SERVICE CENTER (not an 'authorized' service center). Let them check it out for you. In my case, I got a brand new SL-1200MK2 for $450, plus the Sumiko HSMMT headshell($30), the Cardas tonearm wire ($16), JA Michell Clamp($50), Phoenix Gold interconnects(~$35), and the fluid damper will be $149. An excellent home made isolation platform will be less than $50. A Dynavector, Sumiko, Grado, Audio Technica or Shure would be a good match depending your preferences. You can use Grados on these turntables without fear of hum, if that's your preference.

Remember the Rega's internal wiring is its weakness...