Technics SP-10 Mk3 Power Supply / Control Unit

I spotted Technics SP-10Mk3 in my local used Audio equipment place.
This guys do professional Audio-video installations and they do from time to time
contract job to up-date local radio station gear. So they got this SP -10 Mk3 TT
from a radio station. It's just the deck, no base (plinth ?) no tone arm and
very unfortunately no power supply for the TT.
The people from the radio station are 100% positive that this TT worked fine
with out any problems however no one knows where is the Power Supply/Control Unit.
Can anyone help me find one ?
I'm just a music lover and vinyl collector and not a dealer, I just would love to
one day to be able to enjoy this TT. Now it's unfortunately just a paper weight.
I would really appreciate any help.
Why not try emailing Technics in Japan? See if there is any current unit that could be substituted. There is a very active used market in Japan but I don't know how to access it. Ebay isn't big in Japan. At least in audio.
Check threads on diyaudio. Two different guys are developing outbooard PSs for the MkII and are discussing applicability to the MkIII. Neither is a finished product yet, but it's likely that Mark Kelly (the first of the two guys) will have one some time. Steerpark (the other guy) seems only to be intent upon posting a schematic and maybe a kit. Nevertheless, therein lies your salvation, if you have faith and patience.
Dear Wireknot: Maybe this could sound something stupid but maybe ( I can't be sure ) the MK2 power supply could work with it and this mK2 is more easy to find, even you can buy a SP-10 MK2 ( very low price ) and take the PS but like I told you I can't be sure it works: maybe yes.

The other road could be to find the squematic diagrams through Vinyl Engine and that your audio friends that you named build one for you.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I'm sorry I write this post at the same time that Lewm, fortunately we coincide about.

The MKIII power supply is vastly different from the MKII, as is the MKIII itself. I feel certain it would never work. How much are they asking?
Raul, I would have to agree with Rwwear; I'm fairly certain the power supplies would NOT be interchangeable between the II and the III, plus I don't think the II is so inexpensive these days that one would want to break one up just to get a PS for a III. (Good ones in nice condition are typically over $1000.) The thread on diyaudio regarding new electronics for the II is revealing as regards cross-compatibility with the III. Nevertheless, eventually one of those guys on diyaudio will likely produce at least a schematic that would work for the III. You'd have to be willing and able to build it or to have someone else do it for you.
Gentleman thank you all.
And yes, I have the schematics for the MK3
and from what I can see this is much different beast then the MK2 in this regard.
It looks like most of the electronics to control the speed in the MK2 are in the main deck
and the outboard box is just the power supply. In the MK3 the separate power supply also includes
all the bells and whistles for the speed control. I have complete original service manual for the MK3
which of course includes schematics for the Power Supply/Control unit however I must admit this is
way beyond my ability.
I was thinking about somehow combining the MK2 power supply with something like Project Speed Box SE II
or the Clearaudio Synchro Speed Controller ? I know my thinking may be completely of base
but it's very puzzling to me that it's so hard to come out with something to supply the power and control
the speed of a DC motor. What about DC motor controllers ??
Then again if it would be easy it would be already done.
Thank you all again,
A speed controller for DC is different than for AC. AC can be controlled by varying frequency. DC speed is controlled by voltage. If you cut the voltage in half for a DC motor it will run half as fast.
wireknot, Rwwear is correct, but it's not as simple as that, i.e., you could not substitute an off the shelf AC/DC motor controller for the SP10 power supply. The SP10 power supply is doing other things besides supplying voltage and current to run the motor. Anyway, I would advise you to go ahead and buy the MkIII chassis sans power supply. There's a good chance that (i) they will "find" its PS, and/or (ii) a modern version will soon become available.