Technics SL1210GAE + Accuphase E-480 (AD-50) + ??? (cartridge)

Looking for some great cartridge options for the Technics SL1210GAE (stock) and the Accuphase E-480 with the AD-50 phonostage.  The challenge I see is that many options like the Kiseki Purpleheart seems to want higher loading than the AD-50 is capable of (300ohms, max).  I'm looking to spend up to $4000 for a cartridge that sounds amazing.  Using Magico S5 MkII speakers.

I like authoritative bass, but a really airy midrange and treble that has a clear "ease" to it.  I like my midrange "painted" in front of me instead of coming at me.  I had heard the Purpleheart was great that way, but I'd prefer not to get into separate phonostages for a second system, hence the use of the AD-50.
+1 for the Hana! Excellent SQ and reasonably priced! No need to spend $4K!
Try ART1000, this is very interesting new design inspired by Victor Direct Couple models. 

Another vote for Hana Umami Red. Great synergy and gorgeous sound with my Accuphase E-650 / AD-50. My tonearm is SME V.
I have an SL1200GAE and have tried an AT ART9 and Soundsmith Paua MKII. Both sound great.
Dear @tre9901 : Hanna is very good but the Audio Technica ART-9XA is a huge challenge not only to that Hanna but for any top cartridge.:

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,