Technics SL1200 Cardas REWIRE Shielding

I am currently looking to rewire my tone arm. I know that cardas makes a nice litz wire for rewiring tonearms. I have a bit of a technical question. I am hoping to use a shielded wire and I was just curious how to connect the shield within the wand and tonearm assembly?

Does anyone know of a good source to get a spool of this wire, in either shielded or unshielded format?

I believe the wire has the following flow from inside out.
Litz->dilectric enamel-> 4 straight->1 shield for all 4->dilectric.

It sees as though if I had the left and right independently shielded then I would be able to connect to the cartridge as follows left signal left ground, right signal right ground. But since there is only one shield I am uncertain of how to do this properly. Some advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a million guys looking forward to hearing from you.
If you take the + & - wires for each side and twist them together evenly you'll create a shield. This is the theory used in twisted pair wiring. Additionally you'll want to verify theat the tonearm itself is properly gounded using the black or brown wire. I would hesitate to use fully shielded in this application because the shielding may provide too much resistance to tonearm horozontal movement as it tracks across the record.
The cardas will make a big difference, but you can not used shielded wire in the arm; too stiff. I would not mess iwth it. Box up the table or the arm and send to KABUSA dot com; and let Kevin do the re-wire for you. Can not speak highly enough of him.

I hear you KAB is amazing, no question. But I want to do it myself, learn something new, and enjoy the process. It is going to be tricky working with these slim wires but I will try to sort it out. Thanks guys. It is too bad the tonearm wire, when shielded, will not fit through properly, I would have liked to have the entire run shielded.

Nonetheless there is still a problem, supposing that I could pass the wire through the wand shielded, what do I connect the shield to?, if I run the shielded portion through the base only I am still curious as to where to connect the shield.

A further thought, some headphone wires would pass nicely and then I could have an entire run of shielded wire passing through the tonearm and base. In this case the ground connection becomes easy, since the headphone wire has left signal +l sheild and right signal +r shield they could be connected directly to the cartridge 1 to 1.
The metal tonearm tube is your shield.

No shielding needed for the wires in the tonearm.
Yeah. The metal arm tube is your shield. If I were rewiring a Technics arm and wanted to thread something through the wand with it, it would be vibration damping.

Lacking that, I wrapped teflon plumber's tape around the outside of the armtube.
Your guys are right, wand is the shield. Ground is soldered to end of wand, inside the tube. and follows itself down into base. Thanks guys. Recently switched to a VPI HW19 and I am loving it.