Technics SL1100A Tonearm and MC Cartridge matching

I have a Technics SL-1100A with the stock EPA-110 arm.

I'd like to move into the Low Output MC category of cartridges, but I understand that matching the cartridge to the arm can be as important as the cartridge selection itself.

I can find no info on the specific mass of the Technics EPA-110 tonearm to determine compliance with a specific cartridge. Is that arm considered low mass? I'd be interested in one of the Denon DL-103/103R cartridges, but don't know if that cartridge's compliance is a good match for my tonearm.

Anyone have any direct experience with low output MCs - especially the Denon - on an EPA-110 arm? Suggestions or recommendations in the $500 range welcome.

I'm probably going to go for K&K Audio or Bob's Devices step-ups and a vintage Urei 1122 pre to feed my Cary SLI-80. The Cambridge Azur 640 I had briefly was pretty awful - no depth, very limited sound stage, and cloudy.


Technics SL-1100A
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