Technics SL1000/ EPA100 arm - which cartridge?

I just purchased a Technics SL1000 w/ obsidian base and EPA 100 arm. Which cartridges (under $1000) should I be looking at?
Hello, Aronesss, congradulation on your purchase. I can refer you to Vinyl Engine for an owner's manual for the EPA-100 T/A, a low mass unit. Technics recommends cartridge compliances between 5 to 15x10-6 cm/dyne. A good place to look might be the post and follow-ups from Rauliruegas describing a number of high end mm cartridges.
Technics published thier compliance figures at 100hz.I believe most cartridge manufacturers measure the compliance at 10hz.So 5-15x10cm/dyne would be more like 10-30x10cm/dyne.Someone correct me if im wrong.