Technics SL-P1300 CD Player : good transport ?

Greetings all,

Do any of you have experience with the Technics SL-P1300 Cd player **used as a transport** ? I remember this professional player being built very sturdily, and I have an opportunity to purchase one at a ridiculously low price (250$CDN), to connect into my Audio Note DAC Zero...

(And btw, does anyone know if it comes with a remote ?)

Thanks for your feedback !

No stock CD player will have less jitter than a DVD player. They are so cheap, you should just get an older top of line DVD player and get it modded.
Jean Benoit,

It was reviewed in the summer of 1989 by Audio Ideas Guide, in July 1989 Stereo Review covered the unit as well. No on-line reprints available.

Here's the operating instructions:

I've only seen two for sale, one at $400 U.S. and another at $700 U.S. Neither mentioned a remote control, not surprising since this is a pro player used in studios etc...

I doubt you'll go wrong at $250 Cdn. Good luck, Jeff

Just got my hands on one in Montreal for about the same money. Yes , the p-1300 comes with a remote . You can also attach one via a cable for studio use or use a standard infrared remote. Great player.
Picked one up here in a montreal in a flea market. It was quite dusty but cleaned up very well with damp cloth. Paid 75 cdn which was not too much for this type of machine. As of now it seems to work flawlessly but am wondering if I should take it to my local repair shop for a once over.

This unit has badges of the cbc radio canada radio station. It belonged to the cbc network.

I love thje sound, its powerful but not harsh. It is fun to listen too and loks intimidating next to my audiolab 8000 cdp.

Anyone have any more info on this machine? There isn't that much on the web?