Technics SL-G700 SACD\Network Audio Player

Anyone had a demo of this new Technics SADC Player/ Network player? I am considering buying this. This will be a one box solution to replace my DAC, CD player and network player. Checked with my local dealer they do not have a demo unit yet.
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It is sweet looking. Curious how sq compares to similar-priced competitors. I'm interested...
It's got my attention as well. Whoever said the CD format is dead is badly mistaken. 

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I'm looking at this as well, especially because it plays MQA-cd's, of which there are a few from Japan.  I'm confused though because it says it upscales PCM redbook cd's or DSD encoded redbook cd's but does not convert PCM cd's to DSD, which the Marantz SA-10 and Ayon player does.  That takes a special converter chip.  There would seem to be a technical difference, but perhaps when upscaling not a significant difference, if any, in the sound.  Maybe someone in the know could elaborate on this difference.