Technics SL-1900

Purchased this turntable for $15 at a thrift store.The condition is 8/10 with just a few small smudges on the dust cover.Could use a better cartridge but looks and feels like a decent low budget table.Any suggestions on a cartridge?
Shure M95E; M97X; Pickering XV15/D750
It's good deck.
Lots of good matches for that 'table; it looks to have the same tonearm as the SL-1200/1210, and that can match with a wide variety of carts. Just to keep it simple, though, the Grado Prestige line should be a good match, because those are the modern versions of what Grado was making in the '70s. I put a top-line Grado on a DD Hitachi P-38 in 1976 and it was sheer magic. The current replacement stylus for the Grado Gold is also the factory-recommended one for that cart I had back in '76.
Thanks for the input.Had read so so replies on line about this particular table,but glad to hear more positive thoughts about it.For as little as I paid,thought it was a good bargain.
Audio-Techinca AT95E. It will really open up the sound of that table. If you got the 40 bucks, go for it.
I bought one new in the late 70`s.I had good results with Empire cartridges, but it came alive with a ADC XLK MK3.I would try the AT95 or Grado line myself , good luck.
Would a Grado Green or AT95 be the better choice?$100 or less is a good budget.
At the Grado Green/Shure M97xE price range ($100-ish), the Ortofon 2M Red should be an excellent candidate.
Yes,those seem to be the top candidates with many people in that price range.Have modest vintage system using a HAFLER DH220 amp,NAD 3020 as my pre.R&B,Soul with Eagles and Clapton catagory style music.
Would a Grado Green or AT95 be the better choice?$100 or less is a good budget.

Can you bump up your budget another 18 bucks and consider the Audio Technica AT-120ET?

I just restored a Technics SL-2000, a very similar TT as the SL-1900, for a friend and installed the AT-120ET and its a wonderful match. The 120ET with its nude elliptical is a huge step up from the 95E.
That could work,plus free shipping as well!
The 120ET with its nude elliptical is a huge step up from the 95E.
Going from a bonded to a nude elliptical stylus is almost always a big step up. Consider that the Grado Reference Platinum is $300 and the nude Sonata is $600, that the nude Ortofon 2M Blue is twice as much as the bonded 2M Red.

I didn't know you could get a cart with nude-mounted stylus for that little. It's even less at LpGear.
Came with an old AT PRO12E cart.
The AT Pro 12E is a an .04 x .07 elliptical. I am not sure if its bonded or nude.

The AT-120E/T is a .03 x .07 elliptical (much sharper) and definitely nude. I still stand by my recommendation that it would make an ideal cartridge for your SL-1900.
Not disputing the AT-120E,just relaying what came on/with the table.Thanks for all the suggestions.One other thing if I may add?Read where some liked this table,some not quite as much.Seems like a decent find for as little as I paid and I don't consider myself an expert at turntables either.
I know your not disputing anything John. I was just pointing out the differences between the cartridge that came with your TT and the AT-120E. Sorry if I sounded like I was defending the AT-120E - that certainly wasn't my intention.

The SL-1900 & SL-2000 were entry level direct drive tables built in 1977, the same year Technics also was building the much more expensive SL-1600, 1700 & 1800. Anyone giving the 1900/2000 a bad rap is no doubt comparing them to these latter tables. For what they cost at the time though, the 1900/2000 were good value priced TT's that punched well above the weight. And for what you paid at a thrift store, you did well John.
I agree with Paraneer...that the AT-120E/T would definitely have you in business for quite some time. If you can afford it, go for it. It's about as good as you can get for your Technics. I just recommended the AT95 for something dirt cheap.
No, I know you meant well Paraneer.