Technics SL-1700 feet

Would anyone know of where I could purchase the screw in type feet for this particular table or something equivalent? Would need all four and thanks for any help you can offer.
I just ordered some of those MNPCTECH feet as well. They are the aluminum model with the tapered top and made for a Technics SL-1200. I'm putting them on my Yamaha PX-3 that I'm restoring. I already rebuilt the tonearm assembly and now I'm waiting for my tech to recap the power supply and control boards.
Should be a sweet table when I'm finished with it.



I substituted those with AT 636 footers under my Obsidian plinth
and SP 10,mk2 . I assume that chakster’ s are bigger but not
necessary better.

Now when i have the manual for both models i can tell you they are completely different internally as i can see on schematic. So the difference is definitely NOT only the size. The bigger AT-616 (support up to 60kg) has different structure compared to smaller AT-636 (support up to 36kg). Not just bigger spring but entirely different design of pneumatic mechanism inside. 
Well my MNPCTECH feet came in today and they are very well constructed, the machining is first class and the rubber is nice and pliable. Once I get the table back together I'm sure they will work fine and it will look even better as well.
Dear chakster, I am very, very sorry to have insulted your (much
bigger) footers, But your story remind me of this guy who wanted
to impress his friend with his new swimming pool. ''End what is
your impression?'' he asked. ''Well , uch, what should I say; is
the 3x 3 m. not to small"?
The guy was very angry: ''You idiot the pool is 25 m deep''. 
Aka: your footers can support 60 kg each while your TT is 20 (?)
kg. heavy. My SP 10 is even lighter. 
@nandric i don't want to impress anyone, but at least you should know that The AT-616 support from 10 to 60 kg, look here

These type of pneumatic footers can be placed not only under any turntable directly (or dac, cd player or whatever ) ... but also under heavy subwoofers if needed, or easily under some big butcher blocks even if you have more than one turntable on such block. 

The weight of turntable often vary because we're all using different plinth of different weight, some slate plinth are too heavy.