Technics SL-1700

Would like the people's thoughts on this particular turntable and if anyone had or has one.Needs a new cartridge and was considering a AT-110e.Thanks for any advice. 
I've had similar SL-1800 and used Shure M97E. I felt it might worth fitting with higher-end cartridge such as V15mxr. I also used Pickering XV15 with D750 stylus. 

Here is a handy link to a database of Technics vintage TT’s.

I have a perfectly functioning SL-1500, similar to the SL-1700. I use it as secondary TT in my system with a TOTL Audio Technica AT-14SA having an original NOS ATN-14 Shibata stylus. It comes close in sound quality to my VPI/Ortofon rig. I probably have it still in my system because I like the way it looks, for nostalgia sake and I was lucky to find the NOS stylus.

These were very good HiFi turntables back in the day and were designed for home use - not DJ use like the SL1200’s. A fully restored one can hold its own against modern TTs costing much more.

But this TT is pushing 40 years old. So no matter what the seller tells you, its bound to require some degree of repair or at the very least, heavy maintenance. By heavy I mean that the unit will have to be opened up and speed pots cleaned with Deoxit to stabilize speed. Also check the cueing and if it drops fast, the damping fluid will have to be topped off too. So demo it carefully to see if this has been done. If not, be prepared to do it yourself because if you have to take it to a shop, vintage TT’s suddenly are no longer a bargain.

One last thing...why an AT-110E? That cartridge has been discontinued. I would recommend the Audio Technica AT-120E for this TT. It is a current model and has a nude elliptical. A real bargain for about 115 bucks and much better than the A110e that has a bonded stylus. Good luck!

I have the table now and the person said there was no sound from the left channel.Checked it out and everything else worked well so he asked $40 for it and I said fair enough. Find out the RCA cables had a short,I Deoxit the table and works fine.Just need a cartridge now.
That's a good price for an SL-1700 if all it needed was an RCA replaced.  Now find a good cartridge and you'll be good to go.  I am serious about the AT-120E - a nude elliptical is always a big jump in performance over a bonded.  Good luck.
Few scuffs and a cracked area around one hinge on the dustcover is all.Table was pretty clean so I'm pleased so far with it.Used the headshell and cartridge from my SL-1900 to test it.