Technics SL-1210GAE Anniversary delivery .

In July the 7th I ordered the new Technics SL-1210 AEG anniversary edition from an authorized dealer . ( and paid for it )They said I could have it at the end of July, later they moved the date for mid August , and again the delivery was moved to the end of August.  Today, I got  a message saying :  “We just received notification that Technics pushed the delivery of the SL-1210GAE turntable to the end of September.”Does anyone know if that is accurate?  any useful information?
Everything I have purchased from Russia have been delivered by USPS but with very high delays, apparently the delay happens in the US due to customs, Lew, at some point I used to be a big supporter and believed on the idea of supporting the Federal Mail System above private carriers, they screwed up so many times with my stuff and they avoid any liability hence I don't use USPS except when sending my taxes to the Treasury.Chak, Fedex and DHL from Japan on the specific things I have purchased (headshells and such) have been covered by the sellers as "free shipping", I purchased recently the Live in Japan (Deep Purple) and took less than a week from Japan to arrive via Fedex, $23 I paid for shipping, it is kind of high yes but considering it is international well I guess I have no choice.
If you ever visit Tokyo, you’ll observe the huge contrast between their audio marketplace and ours.
I would like that to be my next stop in my travels, our friend Chakster with all his passion for Japanese vintage have gotten me into researching what they made, they truly make remarkable things, I like knives (and this conversation is not weird at all lol) and real japanese knives are masterpieces, just like audio stuff and such.

Everything I’ve bought from Japan, save a few overweight items, I had shipped EMS which delivers via USPS here.  FedEx and the automatic duties is a deterrent.   
Japan post (EMS) is probably the best in the world. They are superfine, I bought hundreds of records from Japan and never had any issue.

I have my records in Tokyo since April, shipping by Japan post to Russia (or to USA) is impossible now, when I checked DHL, UPS, FEDEX the price for shipping to USA is just insane (very expensive). I think I will just ship by seamail to Russia (very cheap).
I think Russia is a special case, and perhaps one should not generalize based on shipping to and from Russia.  For what it's worth, I have experienced no serious delays receiving small packages of capacitors and the like from Russia or Ukraine, purchased from eBay vendors, arriving in the US via USPS.  Moreover, when I have to ship from my location to anywhere else within the USA, my first choice by far is US Priority Mail.  I only use UPS or Fedex if the box is too big or too heavy for USPS.  And I have had only one problem, which was probably my fault, a capacitor came loose in a preamplifier that I had modified by installing physically large capacitors that weren't properly secured.
I am not sure what you meant to say, Luis, about accepting liability, but have you ever tried to collect for loss or damage, from UPS or Fedex?  I have, with zero responsiveness and no compensation for damage that was clearly due to mishandling.  Both companies are adept at pointing out packing errors, real or imagined, and they alone make the final decisions about compensation. (Not referring to the incident described above which occurred at the hands of USPS, was my fault, and was easily fixed by me at no cost except a little time.)