Technics SL-1210GAE Anniversary delivery .

In July the 7th I ordered the new Technics SL-1210 AEG anniversary edition from an authorized dealer . ( and paid for it )They said I could have it at the end of July, later they moved the date for mid August , and again the delivery was moved to the end of August.  Today, I got  a message saying :  “We just received notification that Technics pushed the delivery of the SL-1210GAE turntable to the end of September.”Does anyone know if that is accurate?  any useful information?
Got on a waiting list in July.  Got mine last Friday. 
Thank you for your message. Seems that I better be patient. Would you mind telling with cartridge you have selected?  regards 
What does the TT sell for and how is it different to the SL1200G?
  1. I’m using an Ortofon Cadenza Black with the stock head shell. .     
Table is $4k and all black instead of silver.  Same mechanically as the G, I think??
That sounds correct, it all depends on the dealer you purchased from, ordered and paid June 4th,still waiting and likely will receive it in November. Technics delayed some of the deliveries, they were behind not the dealers
Thanks Luisma ; I will wait for my tt 
Whenever I get some news I will post back, believe me I am concerned too the dealer might not received the TT and I will end up with no TT at all and miss the chance.
Got an update yesterday September 16th that Technics is still delayed, I just hope the dealer is accurate and not providing fake news. Don't want to miss the train on this one. If any of you have any updates please post
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I Just got this message from the Dealer:” We received a notification from Technics on Friday that all shipments have been delayed again and estimated to ship at the end of October. This is affecting all Technics dealers.”
I wonder what is going on at Technics!!!
There is NO shipping from Japan to USA at all, except for the sea mail. Japan post does not ship to USA at all since the covid if you don't know.  

This is the only reason. 
Chak, My research tells me that there is certainly commercial shipping between Japan and the USA, both by air and sea. That said, I could certainly imagine that there are delays due to COVID-19. But I don’t imagine there is complete interruption. It is more likely, to explain the delayed delivery of Technics turntables, that demand in Japan and locally in Asia is high enough such that those geographic regions are being given priority, maybe until production can catch up. The 1200 G series sells like hotcakes over the counter in major stores in Tokyo.
Hey Chak, Lew is correct, I get packages from Japan either DHL or FedEx within 3 to 4 days, faster than from the West coast. Japan post yes it will take forever or won't ship to the US. The delayed from Technics in producing these units is really puzzling.
Luis, see my hypothesis above.
I wouldn’t worry @vinylnostalgic. It’s not a Technics problem but a covid/normal mail shipping issue. You're gonna love that table, if you ever get it. Speedy express is open for business but they’re not going to send it via bullet mail like Russian.
Luis, see my hypothesis above.
Yeah I get it Lew, the delay most likely due to filling demand at Asian markets first.
All I was saying is that it amazes me how fast (even with covid) delivery is from Japan to the US

I’m talking about Japan Post, not overpriced DHL or Fedex (their prices are insane). If someone will ship 100 turntables with DHL or Fedex it’s hard to imagine the final price for distributor and customers.

Japan post (or EMS) is not available at the moment from Japan to USA. 
Not sure why the Japs do this but the US always takes the back of the bus. They do the same thing with wood working tools. They send us the bottom of the barrel stuff keeping the best for for their local market. I always have to order direct from Japan dealing will local merchants to get what I want. I have a feeling this also happens with a lot of Hi Fi equipment. I guess they think we can't appreciate their products to the fullest extent or maybe it is because we don't complain enough? It may be a cultural thing, always take care of the homefront first. 
Oh please!  If there was a viable market in the US for hi-fi, there’d be distributors eager to import the products from japan. There isn’t a big market, so there aren’t distributors. We don’t even have brick and mortar audio stores any more. If you ever visit Tokyo, you’ll observe the huge contrast between their audio marketplace and ours. I’d wager that there are more audio salons in Akihabara, the electronics mecca of Tokyo, than there are in the entire USA. 
Chak, it may just be a difference of local tradition, but it is virtually unheard of for international purchases to arrive in the US via the local Postal Service. Now you mention it, the only exception to that rule that I have experienced is when I have ordered capacitors from Russia. So maybe you guys do things differently. Fedex, UPS, and DHL do a fine job. And I’m a big supporter of the USPS.
Not sure why the Japs do this but the US always takes the back of the bus.
As a matter of fact in the US a few distributors got the first few orders of this specific turntable first than in other countries, as early as end of June, the UK for example they are experiencing more delays than in the US, now I don't know about the rest of Europe and Asia which seems to be prioritized, maybe the US and the UK are in the back of the bus like you are saying 
Everything I have purchased from Russia have been delivered by USPS but with very high delays, apparently the delay happens in the US due to customs, Lew, at some point I used to be a big supporter and believed on the idea of supporting the Federal Mail System above private carriers, they screwed up so many times with my stuff and they avoid any liability hence I don't use USPS except when sending my taxes to the Treasury.Chak, Fedex and DHL from Japan on the specific things I have purchased (headshells and such) have been covered by the sellers as "free shipping", I purchased recently the Live in Japan (Deep Purple) and took less than a week from Japan to arrive via Fedex, $23 I paid for shipping, it is kind of high yes but considering it is international well I guess I have no choice.
If you ever visit Tokyo, you’ll observe the huge contrast between their audio marketplace and ours.
I would like that to be my next stop in my travels, our friend Chakster with all his passion for Japanese vintage have gotten me into researching what they made, they truly make remarkable things, I like knives (and this conversation is not weird at all lol) and real japanese knives are masterpieces, just like audio stuff and such.

Everything I’ve bought from Japan, save a few overweight items, I had shipped EMS which delivers via USPS here.  FedEx and the automatic duties is a deterrent.   
Japan post (EMS) is probably the best in the world. They are superfine, I bought hundreds of records from Japan and never had any issue.

I have my records in Tokyo since April, shipping by Japan post to Russia (or to USA) is impossible now, when I checked DHL, UPS, FEDEX the price for shipping to USA is just insane (very expensive). I think I will just ship by seamail to Russia (very cheap).
I think Russia is a special case, and perhaps one should not generalize based on shipping to and from Russia.  For what it's worth, I have experienced no serious delays receiving small packages of capacitors and the like from Russia or Ukraine, purchased from eBay vendors, arriving in the US via USPS.  Moreover, when I have to ship from my location to anywhere else within the USA, my first choice by far is US Priority Mail.  I only use UPS or Fedex if the box is too big or too heavy for USPS.  And I have had only one problem, which was probably my fault, a capacitor came loose in a preamplifier that I had modified by installing physically large capacitors that weren't properly secured.
I am not sure what you meant to say, Luis, about accepting liability, but have you ever tried to collect for loss or damage, from UPS or Fedex?  I have, with zero responsiveness and no compensation for damage that was clearly due to mishandling.  Both companies are adept at pointing out packing errors, real or imagined, and they alone make the final decisions about compensation. (Not referring to the incident described above which occurred at the hands of USPS, was my fault, and was easily fixed by me at no cost except a little time.)
Hi Lew, my experience would be somewhat limited as it is not that diverse but the issues I had in the past.1. USPS, shipped back some speaker cables to the manufacturer for refund, $540 speaker cables, USPS priority. Package from Miami to Denver was lost in Denver, reason they provided is they were trying to redeliver, opened a case with USPS (online of course as you cannot do anything at their offices), they sent me a weekly notification they were trying to redeliver, I kept contacting them trying to collect something, I think $50 is the most they pay, they said until the redeliver was complete they could not pay the funds ($50), after 6 months they stopped sending notifications and I stopped trying to collect.2. USPS, got a Billy Joel 1st pressing, The piano man. The carrier thought bending the media mail hard carboard could fit the package into my community mailbox, even though all records I purchased usually are left by my door because they WONT FIT THE MAILBOX, new sealed NOS 1972 piano man vinyl when I was able to pull it out from the mailbox and I opened the record and noticed the damage, 2 tears came out of my eyes, I admit it. went to USPS office, with the pandemic every claim has to be filed online, go online, filing the claim says it is not insured hence they are not responsible, no vinyl no money. Went back to the office, asked for a supervisor, she said she could not help me (with an attitude and I am a nice guy) and my only chance was online, oh she asked for my address to speak with the carrier for future deliveries. 3. USPS, Purchased some tubes from Russia, 6S33S-V, April 15th or so 2020, September 15th or so tubes were delivered 5 months later, they left Pulkovo in April early May and were lost in transit for 4 months no notifications or anything. Now I know the Russia packages could be an exception. Our friend Chak sent me a cart around that date and took 4 month to arrive (or 3.5 and a half I lost count)
4. FEDEX, seller shipped some speakers to me, Fedex packed the speakers, speakers were received with some subs, subs were damaged in the corners, so one speaker, not by much, provided photos, one week later Fedex paid full amount for the speakers $4500 and allowed the seller (and myself) to keep the speakers.5. FEDEX, Purchased an HS-4 headshell in Japan, 3 days later I received it.
Again my experience could be limited and biased I know, I'm not saying USPS is the worst, YMMV, IME, in my book, no way Jose.Perhaps since I was born and raised in a communist country were the "state" is everywhere and there was no private enterprise I am biased towards despising such systems which are subsidized by the government, yes it could perfectly be.

I ship with Fedex and I pay with Amex, Amex gives me a discount, I ship always insured because of my bad previous experiences, if something happens I'm positive Fedex will respond, if they get cheeky and they don't want to pay a claim then I bring the 800 pound gorilla which is Amex to the fight and let them solve it.
Sorry Lew for the long explanation I respect everyone's opinion here, if you have good results with USPS by all means support them.

 Speedy express is open for business but they’re not going to send it via bullet mail like Russian.

Like Brent said, Russian post before covid is a like a bullet mail, sometimes it's only one week from here to the USA with the cheapest registered mail. Now in covid a 30 days delivery time became normal for the cheapest registered and probably 2 week for EMS. 
In recent years, I’ve mostly received car parts, in large or small pkgs, shipped to my front door. Since they mostly come to me from the UK, the shipper is DHL. I neither love nor hate them. If I want something for my audio systems I tend to wait until we fly to Tokyo to visit our son. Then I can carry small items and LPs in my luggage.
I ordered mine in July and was told last week that it will probably be late December or early January before it will be delivered. 
well ; it seems all of us have to be patient. Any formal review  of the TT? 
I have seen some reviews but nothing formal or verifiable, at the moment I just purchased a Luxman PD-444 which will do (surely awesome) while I wait
yeah, chakster was praising that thing and now i understand why
amazing TT