Technics SL -1200G vs Transrotor ZET 1

I can bay bought in similar price.
Technics is direct drive 
Transrotor is bełt drive 

I am interested in Yours opinions which one is better turntable
I own the SL1200G and LOVE it. I have no experience with Trans Rotor but they look like very well made and executed turntable. 
Both are excellent turntables - it really just depends on whether you prefer direct drive or belt drive.  My personal preference would be the ZET-1, easily, since I prefer the latter.
I listened to a Higher end Transrotor with a Triplanar arm not to long ago.  I have a 1200G.  The 1200G is more neutral, fast, and lively.  The Transrotor has a laid back sound similar to VPI typical of many belt drives.  They both sound very different.  Maybe have to listen for yourself.  Maybe your system will have a say in the matter...